Camp Pinnacle’s Approach to COVID-19

COVID-19 update for summer 2021

Updated February 16, 2021

We are very excited about the summer ahead! Rest assured, we fully intend to operate. Our experience running camp last summer has left us confident that with proper cohorting, use of outdoor space, and scheduling, we can create another great and safe camp experience. We will continue to follow CDC and American Camp Association (ACA) guidelines as we expect that COVID will still affect operations this summer.

We will publish our final COVID operating guidelines for summer 2021 in early May when we will have the most current information as we head into summer. To this end, we will modify our programming and policies up to the last minute in order to provide the best summer camp experience that matches conditions on the ground.

Here’s what you can anticipate this summer:

  • Our counselors will attend a two-week orientation during which they will quarantine, and be tested to ensure they are COVID-free when campers arrive.
  • We will require families to self-quarantine for a 10-day period prior to opening day, or complete a seven-day self-quarantine coupled with a negative COVID PCR test. By self-quarantine, we mean to limit interactions with people outside your immediate family, avoid large gatherings, limit travel, and always wear a mask when in public places.
  • We will stagger opening day arrivals to reduce density and allow for a thorough pre-camp screening. All campers will arrive with a parent or guardian who will stay with them as they go through the check-in process. To this end, we will not be doing airport pickups on opening day, though we are happy to deliver campers to the Asheville (AVL) or Greenville (GSP) airports at the end of the session (enrolled families can see transportation notes in CampInTouch).
  • One parent or guardian, wearing a mask, will check in their camper(s) on opening day, but their access to most of camp and our counselor team will be limited.
  • We will set up a quarantine cabin, should a camper demonstrate significant symptoms (or have a positive COVID test) as they wait to be picked up by parent or guardian within 24 hours.
  • Our continued goal is to operate camp in a manner that reduces the times a camper would be required to wear a mask. Masks will be required anytime they are interacting within six feet of someone not in their cabin group (unless vigorously exercising) or while traveling in vans.
  • We will again be operating within a “camp bubble,” strictly limiting visitors on camp property.
  • We will continue with daily symptoms and temperature checks for every member of our camp community.
  • Any testing or vaccination requirement and policies regarding campers and parents who may have already been vaccinated will be made closer to the start of camp when we can better assess availability, the best science, and timing concerns.

Thanks for the faith and confidence you have placed in us. We are looking forward to safely reuniting our community and enjoying a much-needed summer of social and emotional growth and outdoor fun. Please don’t hesitate to share any questions or concerns, and know that we will continue to communicate as we adjust policies with current conditions.

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Did Camp Pinnacle operate in 2020?

Yes! Using the guidelines from the American Camp Association and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (and in partnership with the Henderson County Health Department and support of our local government), we set up effective protocols to run a safe, fun, and rewarding summer. We focused on pre-camp screening and testing, daily symptom screening, exclusive use of outdoor venues, cohorting by cabin groups, doubling our daily cleaning, constant hand-washing and vigilant hygiene, wearing masks in vehicles and indoor spaces, and physically distancing when appropriate.

We’re thrilled to report that we had our healthiest summer ever in 2020, and kids had an incredibly fun time with peers in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

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