Camp Pinnacle Is a Leader in Summer Camps!

Fayssoux Moss26 Feb, 2024

Steve Baskin Named Head Board Chair of American Camp Association


The Camp Pinnacle team runs like a well oiled machine. We answer phones, make sales, hire counselors, and lay the foundation for a successful summer every year. There is someone behind the scenes who guides us with his wisdom and helps make sure we are doing what’s best for every camper who comes through our doors, and that is one of our owners, Steve Baskin.

Steve is a lifelong camper who started going to camp at age 8 and continued for 11 years. The power of the camp experience affected him so much that he even wrote about camp in his college application essay as one of the defining experiences of his life. After a brief hiatus in college and dabbling in the financial world, Steve went to Harvard Business School and bought his first camp with his wife Susie in 1993.

Steve is a leader in the camp industry. He is curious and always wants to learn more; and he uses what he learns to be an innovator for his camps. He sees the benefits of camp for every kid and strives to make the world see the importance of camp in building a better future.  If you want to get a feel for his passion, please check out his TEDx talk or his HBS reunion speech on parenting. We feel lucky to have him as a leader and advisor for what we do here at Camp Pinnacle.

This year, the American Camp Association (ACA) named Steve the National Board Chair. This means that he is at the forefront of big decisions in our industry. Frankly, this is an exciting time for summer camps. As young people have become more tethered to their phones, camp lets them know they can not just survive, but thrive as tech-free kiddos. Camp is also an antidote to the rising tide of anxiety among young people.  At camp, they learn they are stronger and more capable – ready to tackle the world.

Of course, you know this as a camp parent, but the ACA is committed to helping educate more people on the transformative nature of summer camp.  This last year, the ACA was awarded a $45mm grant to help camps teach character and broaden their reach.  Steve will be part of those efforts as well as pursuing policies to help grow the number of young people attending camps.  We know that Steve will be able to provide his useful, creative, and innovative perspective to all camps. We are so excited that the American Camp Association sees the benefits to having Steve around too!


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