Our son has gone to another camp in the area for the past two years, and it was closed in 2020 due to COVID. But Quincy says he wants to return to Pinnacle! Camp Pinnacle has unique activities that other camps don’t have, such as the whitewater rafting, plethora of lake activities, and the set-up of the mountain biking trails. Quincy had an absolute blast, and we were thrilled at all of the different activities that he tried, the goals that he made with mountain biking, and the confidence he built just having a great time with the boys. – Kristen Wood, parent from Greenville, SC

Camp Pinnacle occupies 126 acres of majestic forest, creeks, fields, and large, private 20-acre Wolfe Lake. This magical atmosphere remains lodged deep in the hearts of many generations of campers. The best way to experience the magic of Camp Pinnacle is to schedule a visit and see for yourself. Call us at 855-378-1928; we’d love to show you around!


Built in the 1920s, our cabins are rustic but comfortable—and newly updated! Cabins house eight to 10 campers and two counselors, and each have a newly built porch, fresh coats of paint, new storage, and refinished flooring and siding. All are in close proximity to our renovated bathhouses.

The two youngest girls’ cabins, Hiawassee and Tuckasegee, have a built-in treehouse and swinging bridge, and are closest to the bathhouses. Nantahala has a firewoman’s pole for a quick and fun exit, and all the girls can enjoy two different Hammocklands and a special “girls only” area for socializing.

The two youngest boys’ cabins, Panthertown and Eagle Rock, have a treehouse, slide, and fireman’s pole. The boys’ cabins sit close to the game room and mini-golf course.

Cabins video 


Many campers will say this is their favorite spot at camp! Campers can explore the perimeter of Wolfe Lake from stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes. Splash around the waterfront on the white sand beach (a prime spot for evening circle) or play beach volleyball. There’s also a rope swing, blob, inflatable slide, water zipline, 200-foot mountain slide, fishing dock, water trampoline, lily pads, and a monkey bridge!

Since 1928, swimming in Wolfe Lake has been a central part of the Camp Pinnacle experience. For some kids, whose only swimming experience may be in a pool, swimming in a lake when you can’t see the bottom can be a little unnerving. We embrace this as an opportunity to swim in nature and step out of one’s comfort zone. Swimming classification begins the first day of each camp session, and lessons are a mandatory part of our program until a camper reaches the “green level.”

Wolfe Lake is fed by five mountain streams and several underwater springs, so the water naturally refreshes itself every few days. We professionally manage our lake ecosystem and monitor water quality, and we control lake temperature through aeration so the it stays in the mid- to upper 70s all summer long.

Waterfront video

Dining hall & kitchen

Our beautiful and spacious dining room (with a newly renovated kitchen in 2020) may be the most popular place at camp! This updated building emphasizes the same rustic feel of camp and helps us observe our time-honored traditions. Our campers have enjoyed the modern design, the greater ease of coming together, more elbow room at the table, improved ventilation on a warm summer day, better views of Wolfe Lake, and much more outdoor dining space!

Campfire ring

Nothing says camp like sitting around a fire with your friends. We gather in the campfire ring during evening programs and circles, and on opening and closing days. At the closing ceremony, you’ll have the pleasure of watching campers singing “Pinnacle Kids” at the top of their lungs and hearing their words echoed back to them over Wolfe Lake.

Campfire ring video 

Gym & Shadium

The waterfront gym is our best gathering spot for games, talent shows, dance parties, performances, and other special activities. The gym and our new-for-2019 Shadium give us a dry place to play basketball or other games on a rainy day, or some shade when we need a break from the sun.

Bike park & trails

Whether your camper is a seasoned mountain biker or just learning how to pedal on two wheels, Camp Pinnacle has the perfect terrain. We’ve even been recognized as one of the best summer mountain bike camp facilities in the nation! Our bike park, flow trail, and pump track allow campers to get comfortable on bikes and practice new skills. Once they’re ready, campers can ride more than eight miles of carefully built trails in three distinct biking areas: Never-Never Land, Wildwood, and the Enchanted Forest.

Bike park video 

Climbing tower & Sky Park

Reach new heights at the newly renovated climbing tower! Our campers will prepare for Gilbert’s Rock by practicing on the many different climbing routes on the tower. The routes range in difficulty for every ability. Alert camp that you’ve succeeded by ringing the bell at the top!

New for 2018 came our state-of-the-art treetop aerial adventure park called the Sky Park that features 28 different airborne elements. Its unique, non-linear design means an entire cabin can participate at once, and campers will be empowered to try a different route and sequence every time they climb up. A special belay system keeps everyone safe while allowing campers the freedom to choose their level of challenge. Read more here.

Arts center

Light, airy, and spacious, the Arts building provides ample opportunities for campers to let their creative selves loose.

Health center

Our health center is home to our wonderful nursing staff. There is a general medical room and private examination room, as well as additional private rooms with beds should a camper need to stay the night. This is also where daily or as-needed medication is dispensed. Sick call is before meals and at nightly call to quarters, but our nurses are at camp 24/7 in the event of an emergency. Dr. Andy Morris, our family practitioner, makes rounds as needed.