Program Goals

Honestly, Camp Pinnacle was everything we hoped to find in a sleepaway camp. In two weeks, our daughter formed a strong bond with her cabin mates and her counselors. She adored everything about her time there and her camp stories have been endless. We think she brought home some extra pride and confidence in herself.  – Michael and Misty Hughes, parents from Savannah, GA

Ask any of our directors, and they’ll tell you that the best gift our parents gave us was camp. We gained a greater sense of self, grew in our self-confidence, and made friends we still keep in touch with today. We believe summer camp may be one of the most important investments you’ll make in your child’s future.

At Camp Pinnacle, we have six program goals that guide our staff in designing and delivering unique, long-lasting benefits:

1. Safety and risk management.

Our mantra is “safety, safety, safety!” We maintain a staff-to-camper ratio of 1:3 to ensure there is always a medically trained adult close at hand. We work hard to help our campers develop safety-conscious mindsets and look for ways to transfer this mindset to life back home. There is always a nurse on duty and a doctor on call, but our goal is for our nurses to give out a lot more hugs than Band-Aids!

2. Personal growth.

An intentional philosophy permeates everything we do at camp. The CP experience begins by making space for kids to become their “best selves.” We create a playful and supportive community with high expectations for behavior, character, and shared responsibility for group success. Read more about how we embrace the 5 R’s that lead to our Great 8 Outcomes.

3. Age-appropriate activities and outdoor skills.

We offer more than 50 different traditional camp activities, which help our campers step out of their comfort zones and learn new skills while improving existing ones. On other days, we get to explore the splendor of scenic western North Carolina on day and overnight trips that set a tone for a lifetime of adventure.

4. An electronics-free connection with nature.

The average kid spends nine hours a day with digital media. At Camp Pinnacle, that number drops to zero because we’re able to get kids excited about being outdoors and making real connections with friends! The joys and constant activity of camp provide an important contrast to our digital lives at home and offer a new perspective as to how technology might fit into campers’ lives. Read more on how we encourage and allow campers to connect with nature here.

5. A kind and caring community.

On opening day, you’ll notice an unusual attention to community and kindness. Our powerful and inclusive model enables campers to form lifelong friendships and learn from role models. As much as campers enjoy the many fun activities, it’s the joy of the community experience and the sense of belonging to something bigger that’s the true hallmark of a successful Camp Pinnacle experience.

6. And, perhaps most important of all, fun!

Your children work hard the rest of the year; camp provides a great reward that they will look forward to each and every year. It’s not uncommon to hear our campers say they laugh and smile more in their weeks at camp than the rest of the year combined!