Staff FAQs


Why should I become a camp counselor instead of taking a summer internship?

While an internship may give you work specific skills to use later in life, a summer at Camp Pinnacle will help you develop your leadership, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills—which the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (a consortium of the world’s best companies) says are the ones most needed for success. Yet in the digital age, these are the skills not being developed through a standard college curriculum. These can only be learned by practice, and few environments help young leaders develop these skills better than Camp Pinnacle.

And at the end of the summer, you will get to leave a job feeling like you truly made a difference in the lives of others. The children you connect with at camp will remember you long after the summer’s end, and the life lessons you’ve shared with them may last for the rest of their lives.

But don’t take our word for it; see what the New York Times and USA Today have to say.

With thousands of camps out there, why work at Camp Pinnacle?

Many camps have picturesque facilities, are in ideal summer climate zones, offer coworkers who will become friends for life, and have great kids to mentor. But a summer at Pinnacle is much more than that. We take our job as first employer for high-performing college students seriously. We want to help our staff develop the work habits, life experience, and leadership skills that will help lead to future success. The professionalism and commitment to quality at Pinnacle will be evident from the moment you arrive. Many staff even feel that our two-week orientation should be the equivalent of at least several college credits as we focus on youth development, leadership, child psychology, communication, and community-building.

The opportunity to make a difference while growing a different set of skills learned outdoors in a tech-free environment with other committed staff is the summer opportunity of a lifetime. Whether you can dedicate only one summer or the next five summers to camp, we know that you’ll leave with memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

How do you determine salary?

Camp Pinnacle pays a very competitive summer salary. Each staff member’s salary is based on age, education, previous experience, and the skills and certifications you bring to camp. We provide room and board for the duration of your contract.

How much time off will I get?

We expect our staff to be fully immersed in our camp community, and come to camp with the mindset that you’re on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, we know how important it is to recharge and take care of yourself. When counselors are not on duty, they are free to relax at camp or in the staff lounge. Staff members also have one 16-hour day off per session, and an additional 24-hour leave between each session.

Will I have time to work out or get outside regularly?

Counselors can be found working out in the mornings before the wake-up bell rings, during down time, or on their time off. Camp has several trails for running and biking, and our lake is perfect for swimming laps. Most staff enjoy their days off in nearby Pisgah National Forest or DuPont State Forest. And all of our counselors are surprised at how many skills they’ve picked up or honed over the summer by teaching them to campers!

Where is Camp Pinnacle?

Camp is about eight minutes from downtown Hendersonville, NC. We are 45 minutes from two major cities: Asheville, NC, and Greenville, SC. We are 15 minutes from DuPont State Forest and 30 minutes from Pisgah National Forest. Both have abundant and world-class hiking, climbing, and biking trails.

Can I bring my car to camp?

Yes. Many of our staff bring their cars to camp—it’s very convenient for days off.

Where will I live?

Cabin counselors will live in one of our rustic cabins with six to 10 campers and a co-counselor. Activity heads, division leaders, and trip leaders will live in one of our cabins with other staff.

Can I have my cell phone and computer?

We model an environment where we thrive without electronics. Cell phones and computers are not allowed in cabin areas or in main camp areas. You will be able to store your electronics in the staff lounge and use them during designated free time.