Daily Schedule at Camp

Every camper’s daily schedule typically includes five different activities. Some activities encourage and allow campers to learn new skills, whereas others are “just for fun.” During the first week, campers attend scheduled activities with their cabinmates to ensure that they sample everything while building the foundation of a strong, close-knit community.

On weekends, campers are able to reach out and make friends in other cabins as they get opportunities to build their own schedules, gently guided by their counselors and our directors. This allows them to pursue the activities that most interest them and expand the breadth of their confidence, resilience, and spirit. During the second week of camp, campers come together as a cabin unit and choose which activities they would like to participate in as a group.

Stella loved everything about it—the food, the counselors, the activities, and the friends she made! She had such a fantastic experience that she didn’t want to come home! – Leigh & Chuck, parents from Savannah, GA

Below is a quick look at a sample day at camp:

Time Activity
7:30 am Wake-up bell / morning clean-up
8:15 a.m Breakfast
9:00 a.m Morning assembly
9:30 a.m. 1st period
10:30 a.m. 2nd period
11:30 a.m. Hypetivity
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m. Rest Hour
2:30 p.m. 3rd period
3:30 p.m. 4th period
4:30 p.m. 5th period
5:30 p.m. Gym & swim
6:30 p.m. Dinner
7:45 p.m. Evening program
8:45 p.m. Evening circle
9:00 p.m. Call to quarters
9:30 – 9:45 p.m. Lights out

(Download our camp map here.)

Morning clean-up

Every day begins with the cabin coming together to prepare for the day. Campers work together to clean their cabin and pack their day packs before heading to the dining hall for a hot, tasty breakfast.

Morning assembly

After breakfast, campers gather in the amphitheater for songs, skits, and daily announcements.


This is a “free choice” period that allows campers time to improve skills in activities that interest them most, whether it’s mountain biking in the Enchanted Forest, playing tennis, paddling a SUP, or creating masterpieces in arts and crafts!

Down time

In a high-energy environment, it’s necessary to schedule a little down time so that campers can unwind, take a nap, make a friendship bracelet, write home, read, or just relax in a hammock.

Gym & swim

This is another free-choice period where campers gather with many friends to swim, zoom down the mountain slide, bounce off the Blob, play mini golf, or hang out in the treehouses. This is less focused on skills and more about “free play.”

Evening program

Every evening program is exciting, unique, fun, and a highlight of everyone’s day. Some of our camp-wide games include Rainbow Tag, Farkle, Capture the Flag, Gold Rush, the Pinnacle Talent Show, Counselor Hunt, and Campfire.

Evening circle

Each night concludes with evening circle, where cabins discuss the “pluses and deltas” of the day, plan the next day’s activities, celebrate their community, and participate in the Pinnacle Hat Ceremony. Every evening circle is a powerful and special experience that emphasizes our culture of kindness, respect, and collaboration.