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We chose Camp Pinnacle based on a tour we took as a family in 2019. We liked the campus, the variety of activities offered, and the level of organization from an administrative standpoint. It was Colin and Laila’s first year at sleepaway camp, and CP exceeded expectations. Pinnacle provides a fun and safe environment in which children can grow and explore. We felt extremely comfortable sending our children knowing that good values, such as the 5 R’s, were being taught and demonstrated. The entire team of counselors had such great energy and positivity on opening day—it was infectious! My kids’ jitters started to disappear once they met the fun and kind staff that they would be spending their session with. A+++! – Kathleen Malpeli, parent from Mt. Pleasant, SC

The beauty of a two-week camp is that it fits easily into busy families’ lives, while still providing ample time to experience as much adventure, laughter, and personal growth as possible! Don’t get us wrong; this is no abbreviated camp session. Your child will accomplish more in a two weeks at Camp Pinnacle than they might at most longer camps. We’ve meticulously planned each day to make the most of our time together, and we do it in a way that doesn’t wear our campers out. Our small, personal size and spectacular campus ensure unique access to activities not available to campers at larger camps.

Camp Pinnacle is unique in that we perfectly blend more than 50 traditional in-camp activities with off-camp outdoor adventures that expose campers to the incredible natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. While we are not a hardcore wilderness camp, all of our campers will have the chance to raft a river, witness astounding views from atop a mountain, and camp out overnight (with s’mores, of course!)—and all outdoor adventures are age-appropriate, where we work with kids at their own comfort and skill levels. Our goal is to fully engage campers as we introduce them to activities that can’t be easily done at home. We build a lifetime love of outdoor activities and for living in a community filled with friends.

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