Packing List

Bringing too much stuff makes it harder for your child to stay organized at camp. Please limit unnecessary items by following our packing list below. Please pack everything in a traditional trunk or duffel bag that can fit under a bunk (no higher than 16 inches high).

We provide all campers with a laundry bag and send laundry out once for two-week sessions, and if your camper is staying for two sessions, their laundry will also be washed between sessions.




In our shared battle to minimize lost and found, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to label every item you send to camp. Please write your camper’s full name on all clothes, towels, shoes, hats, etc.

Our campers will occasionally dress in “funky flair” for certain evening programs or activities. We also have themed days during each session, so we highly recommend bringing some fun accessories or a funky outfit to add to the fun and creativity of camp. A few suggestions include fun sunglasses and hats, items from Halloween costumes, patterned shirts and pants, etc.

Download and print the packing list