Opening and Closing Days

We will be anxiously awaiting your camper’s arrival on Opening Day! All sessions begin on Sunday and end on Friday.

Opening Day

Camp opens at 9 a.m. Upon arrival on Opening Day, you will be greeted by our directors and your camper’s counselors and learn your camper’s cabin assignment. Our staff will be available to help transport luggage to cabins. You’ll check in with Jane Dockendorf, our executive director, and then your camper will get a name tag, be checked for lice, and check in with the camp nurse. We also have camp merchandise for sale on both Opening and Closing days. Please plan to arrive at camp between 9 and 11 a.m.

If your camper has medication, please bring all prescriptions (in their original packaging, inside a clearly labeled Ziploc bag) to the nurse during check-in.




Closing Day

Camp also opens at 9 a.m. on Closing Day. Everyone is invited and encouraged to stay for our fun closing ceremony at 10 a.m., which lasts about 30 minutes. Staff will be available to help transport your camper’s luggage to your car, and early enrollment registration for the following year will be available. Before leaving, please stop by the lost and found table to ensure your camper has all of his/her belongings. Campers who are flying home will likely miss our closing ceremony, so please do not plan your flight itinerary around the ceremony.

Please, for all of our campers’ safety and comfort, leave all pets at home on Opening and Closing days.