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From pre-camp prep to follow-up, if you have any hesitation, make the leap! The folks at Camp Pinnacle made sure I had all the info I needed to make Hardy’s first sleep-away experience the best! He did not hesitate when asked if he was coming next summer—the answer was yes. – Allison, parent from St. Louis, MO

Camp Pinnacle has totally transformed our daughter. She comes home every year stronger, braver, and more self-assured. Camp is her favorite part of the year; she talks about camp all year long. – Mary, parent from Mt. Juliet, TN

My daughter grew so much as a person over those two weeks. She knew no one going in, but left with SO many friends. She tried new adventures, ate new foods, met new people and learned a lot about herself! She said it was the best two weeks of her life, and she can’t wait to go back! – Sara, parent from Davidson, NC

The staff at Camp Pinnacle are very experienced. They take care of everything to make sure the kids and the parents have a very nice experience. They were very responsible with my son’s medication. Overall, my son had an amazing first experience, and I felt confident that he was safe and comfortable in the camp. He definitely wants to come back. We have no complaints at all. Every comment that I can say it is positive. I especially loved the way they responded immediately my phone calls with questions. That gave me peace of mind. – Carla, parent from Miami, FL

Camp Pinnacle is the best investment we can make in our children’s development besides their schooling. It’s truly changed their lives for the better. This year, both of our daughters said their counselors were the best yet! The activities were awesome, the food was “better than at home,” and the counselors know so much about their campers and what’s going on around them—my girls look to them as teachers in that way. We are so thankful for all of you!!! It is a privilege and joy to be part of the CP family. Thank you for all you do! – Charley, parent from Saluda, NC

My son came home with a greater sense of self. He is an only child, and I truly believe this experience has opened him up to trying new things, while at the same allowing him to realize he is in charge of his actions. Thank you for everything you do. This has been an incredible, life-changing experience. – Amy, parent from Miami Beach, FL

Few places exist for kids today that allow them to get away from technology, enjoy nature, making new friends, exploring with curiosity, and learning how to be better people—all while having the times of their lives. Camp Pinnacle is a treasure, and we feel lucky to have found it. – Amy, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

You won’t find more caring, nicer people anywhere else. Camp Pinnacle staff and counselors really care about your child and understand the importance of the work they do. Great care is taken in making sure your child has the best experience possible, and it shows. They have a lot of fun and develop many important skills without even knowing it. It’s a great outdoor experience that helps your children reach out and leap out of their comfort zones. The philosophy behind the camp always draws us back. Jorge has a great time and continues to grow and mature. The quality of the people is outstanding and it is also a lot of fun. – Raquel, parent from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Camp Pinnacle was worth every penny and more. We were blown away, from my first search on the website all the way through the high quality of the laundry bags that came home in their suitcases. My older daughter gave camp “a 50 on a scale from 1 to 10!” My younger daughter said she didn’t miss her phone at all, and in fact it felt funny in her hand at the airport. – Sue, parent from Bradenton, FL

Camp Pinnacle is outstanding. For one of our children, it is the perfect combination of everything she values most: the outdoors, friendship, freedom, and activities For our other child, it is a gentle nudge outside of his comfort zone to hopefully build his self-confidence and expose him to elements he does not normally gravitate toward. They both love it. – Kerri and Curtis, parents from Simpsonville, SC

Camp Pinnacle is awesome. They instill a great philosophy in all they do and treat each camper as a member of their family. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a camp that offers more than just activities. The facilities have been refurbished and are amazing compared to what I remember a camp being like. Safety is always a priority at Camp Pinnacle, and they treat you and your child as part of their family. Very understanding and willing to put in extra effort to make sure everyone has a great experience and learns from it. – Roger, parent from Commerce, GA

I couldn’t have asked for a better camp for my son. I love that the kids are disconnected from technology, exploring the outdoors, and trying all kinds of new stuff while making friends. I’m so glad we found Camp Pinnacle, and I hope we get the chance to keep coming back. We are so thankful for everyone, and we appreciate all the hard work and dedication from all of you. – Nawal, parent from Saudi Arabia

Daniel loved it. He went for the two-week option instead of the three-week session, and while he was really happy to see us when we picked him up, he wished he could have stayed for all three weeks. When we asked him if he wanted to go next summer he enthusiastically proclaimed, “Yes, but for three weeks!” – Don, parent from Seattle, WA

Camp Pinnacle far exceeded both my and Evelyn’s hopes and expectations. I was surprised and thrilled to hear that she chose to go on TWO overnight camping/canoeing trips, and made a slew of great new friends. She said it was the “best three weeks of my life!” The camp was beautiful, well-maintained, and clean. – Wendy, parent from Cincinnati, OH

My daughter’s time with Camp Pinnacle was everything we hoped it would be: a chance to try new activities, to study and appreciate nature, to develop very special friendships, and to discover heretofore unknown strengths about herself. – Deidre, parent from Ann Arbor, MI

Camp Pinnacle is a wonderful environment for a child to try new outdoor activities, make friends, enjoy a supportive community, and be creative in a device-free place. My son says his experience was “very great.” He loved the counselors and the evening activities. He says it’s incredible how Dock knows “everything about everyone.” Finn was impressed by this and told me it was proof that Dock really cared about the campers. His favorite experience was his mountain biking trip to DuPont. He also is still talking about how much fun the last night was when they played ultimate Frisbee in the dark. – Wendy, parent from Portland, ME

Camp Pinnacle is a time to learn as a parent that your child can be independent and self-reliant without you around. It is also a time for your child to discover himself while having fun. My daughter said her experience was awesome. She enjoyed the friendships and activities so very much. Came back talking about the experience non-stop. – Hildegard, parent from Panama

Because of Camp Pinnacle, my children were able to step outside of their comfort zones in a safe and supportive environment, and for that I am forever grateful. We returned because of Camp Pinnacle’s principles and what you hope to instill in our children. It’s been such a great place for them to learn and grow. – Malvika, parent from Arlington, VA

Thomas hit the ground running and never looked back! The emphasis put on deliberately developing a cohesive and supportive cabin community made his first entry into camp Pinnacle really smooth and fun. If Thomas doesn’t return, it is only because the experience has given him the confidence to go explore other option out in the world of options. Thank you so much for setting the bar high in so many ways! It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. – Jennifer, parent from Nashville, TN

Camp Pinnacle is the outdoor fantasy camp that we all wanted to go to as kids! Cabins on the lake, songs, constant activity, bonding with your cabin mates. I wish I had the chance to spend summers here as a kid! Addy adored all the counselors. As a parent, your professionalism makes the entire camp experience acceptable in my eyes. Well done! – Nate, parent from Mt. Juliet, TN

Andrew’s time at camp was a great way to unplug and recharge. He loves all the different activities he can choose from. His favorite was the two-night trip in Pisgah National Forest. He was able to reconnect with friends from last year and make some great new friends, and he said it was awesome, busy, and fun. He’s ready to return! – Shannon & Jason, parents from Woodbine, GA

I was very impressed with the camp organization and structure, and my kids LOVED it and can’t wait to return next year! I would enthusiastically recommend camp to others. Both my girls were so excited and got to do things that were out of their comfort zones. I was thrilled with the feedback that they didn’t want to leave. – Josh Baron, parent from Smyrna, GA

Camp was a fun and exciting way to allow my son to experience some activities that we cannot provide him with at home. He is an only child, and all school year we strive for high academics and after-school sports and activities, and this was a good “break” for him to just do some fun outdoor things with other young people who are having fun, too. Plus, I know he built some self-discipline skills and now he feels good about himself having lived away from mom and dad for nearly two weeks. From the first phone call and email to drop off and while he was away, everyone at Camp Pinnacle made us feel good about what we were doing. – Charelle, parent from Homestead, FL

It’s more than just a sleepaway camp. It’s the philosophy behind it and the passion that the camp puts into it. Camp was amazing! – Carola, parent from Coral Gables, FL

Camp was fantastic! Awesome! The complete package! The counselors were amazing, well-mannered, super role models, and attentive to Lee. They helped him learn values and self-confidence. – Leticia, parent from Miami Beach, FL

Camp was life-changing for Sarah. Because we live in Florida, a lot of the activities at camp are unique and challenging. She simply said she had an amazing time and met some really cool people with whom she’s been in contact since returning home. Plus, Sarah’s a vegetarian—she said the food was good! – Katherine, parent from Naples, FL

Camp was an amazing and nurturing experience. Nicolas had an amazing time. – Gabriela, parent from Key Biscayne, FL

It was a phenomenal experience for Ansley. She embodies the 5 R’s: respect, responsibility, reaching out, reasonable risk, and resilience. – Tonya, parent from Hendersonville, NC

Caleb is aging out of camp, and he definitely doesn’t want to age out! He’s loved his counselors every year, but last year was even more so. He loved everything. – Deborah, parent from Coral Gables, FL

Camp was amazing! It helped Bailee’s self-confidence and made her feel more comfortable in her own shoes being away from us. We thought that the facilities were very nice, especially how all the girls’ cabins were arranged (close-knit and not too spread out). – James & Ashley, parent from Prosperity, SC

Camp is a very nurturing place, with the right set of values and managed by a very professional team of people who care. It’s in a great location with amazing outdoor activities. It was Alejandro’s first time away from camp, and he enjoyed it even while managing homesickness. He wants to return next year. – Ana, parent from Miami Beach, FL

This was Caroline’s fourth summer to go to Camp Pinnacle. She said, “This was the best year ever!” The great thing is that she says this every year when she comes home and has truly meant it every time. Sending her to Camp Pinnacle has been one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter. – Margaret, parent from Parkland, FL

Camp Pinnacle gave Kobe the chance to rediscover and reconnect with the outdoors. He met new friends and learned how to value each other’s’ talents and interests. Camp Pinnacle’s 5 R’s reinforced core values that every family hopes to see in their children, and it gave our family a framework to strive for outside of camp as well. Camp has managed to preserve the goodness of camp-life from years ago, while adding 21st century elements that our children need in today’s world. Kobe said it was the best, most amazing experience he’s ever had. – Stacy, parent from Miami, FL

Camp Pinnacle is the right place for our outdoorsy, active girl. We are grateful the staff could nurture this and keep her busy. She found her camp home and can’t wait to return with her little brother next year. Evie loved it when she arrived, and appreciates it even more now. Thank you. – Laura, parent from Charlotte, NC

Camp Pinnacle provided Ethan with a great deal of perspective and appreciation for the world around him. Having the opportunity to travel out-of-state and experience the outdoors through uniquely structured programs and activities—with caring and fun-loving counselors guiding the way—was an experience of a lifetime for him. Ethan’s experience was outstanding. He has mentioned “the nicest people you would ever want to meet” when asked about his fellow campers. He described the counselors as “amazing” and said they were like family to him by the end of the session. He told me how he got emotional when he earned his CP hat. The counselors wrote a song, and he was really touched by that. – Kyra, parent from Hudson, OH

Sadie loved her time there and misses it. She’s already signed up for next year, and plans to return the following years. She’s very enthusiastic. Camp Pinnacle was just right for her. – George, parent from Spartanburg, SC

Isaiah had a wonderful and fun time. He cried the day after leaving Camp Pinnacle because he missed his new friends. What an unforgettable experience for him: fun yet educational, with many new activities. It is an amazing place. I would recommend this camp to everyone. – Patricia, parent from Hendersonville, NC

Absolutely the best choice we have made for Zell! Well, he really made the choice three years ago, and at the end of each session, he asks us to sign him up for the next year. He and his cabin mates are currently planning next year’s Adventure Treks experience together, and we are excited for him to go. – Anne, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

Emma came home with a confident calmness about her. She loved every single thing she did. She said it was phenomenal, amazing, better than she expected, and super fun. – Katie & Steve, parents from Huntersville, NC

Michael had another great camp session. Thank you. It was an incredible opportunity for him to spend time outdoors and be disconnected from electronics without missing them. – Beni, parent from Jupiter, FL

Stella loved everything about it—the food, the counselors, the activities, and the friends she made! She had such a fantastic experience that she didn’t want to come home! – Leigh & Chuck, parents from Savannah, GA

Our boys can’t wait to go every year, and they want to go for longer because there is so much to do. They love the counselors and have met so many neat kids; plus, the activities are top-notch! – Teri, parent from Apex, NC

I love that the facilities are really wonderful but still rustic; that the activities are diverse and rich but still focused on what should be at camp (not overdone); and that the food sounds fantastic and my son is always disappointed to return to our meals at home. There are so many camps to choose from, and I’m sure they all have fun activities. What differentiated Camp Pinnacle from the others is the strong foundation in community that we immediately sensed upon meeting [executive director] Dock and from the first moment of arrival at camp. I feel that our son was understood as the unique individual he is and his needs were more than met. I feel that Pinnacle is really paying attention to what our kids so desperately need today: the experience of failure in a safe place, resilience, and being kind and respectful to others. Pinnacle is our partner in not only giving our child the experience of a lifetime, but also the critical lessons we need help in making sure he gets. – Jane, parent from Nashville, TN

Camp Pinnacle went above and beyond our expectations. When I picked Ella up, she had the biggest smile on her face and said it was amazing. She has not stopped talking about the people and her adventures since. She learned so many new things, but above all she had such a great time. She made so many new friends and absolutely loved her counselors. She did not have one negative thing to say! It was truly the best experience for her. – Sandi, parent from Sarasota, FL

Having a child that had been adopted and being an older parent, this camp has allowed our son to be a boy and do all kinds of “boys” activities that we cannot do. It was a awesome experience for Aidan, and he loved it! – Debbie & James, parents from Sims, NC

Kiersten loved the SUPS. The bunk beds were “totally awesome.” The food was “better than mom’s.” It was the best gift to give a child who craves independence but isn’t quite ready for it. “It was soooo fun!” Camp is clean, well-maintained, and completely awesome-looking. – Kasondra, parent from Monticello, IL

Sam returned from camp talking about new friends and experiences; he has an increased level of confidence and independence. He said, “It was really fun and the counselors were really cool.” – Jodie, parent from Nashville, TN

We truly appreciate your passion, dedication and above all strong and solid values. Julie did not stop talking, talking, talking when I picked her up! It is exactly the outcome we were looking for! Julie immediately said she wanted to stay 5 weeks for next year and that Patrick (her cousin) would love it! – Marie-Agnes, parent from New York, NY

Absolutely outstanding! Camp Pinnacle is truly a place where each child can be themselves without a popularity contest. It’s a confidence booster! Loved it, just like last year. Ellie enjoyed friends from the previous year who returned and made wonderful new friends this year. It’s a place of fun, comfort and acceptance away from home. All good! Camp is a very comfortable, welcoming place. – Carey Ellen, parent from Charlotte, NC

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