Parent Testimonials

My kids didn’t just have fun, they came back better versions of themselves. They came back so much more confident and with a willingness to try things they have never done before. Listening to their stories it’s apparent that the counselors were excellent role models. They were kind, fun, helpful, encouraging and always made them feel safe. I’m just amazed seeing the growth in my kids and grateful to the entire camp team for making this “the greatest summer ever”!  Tabitha Ullman, parent from Delray Beach, FL

The twins had such a good time! They couldn’t stop talking about it when they got home. I love that Camp Pinnacle has become such a core part of their childhood. Choosing Camp Pinnacle was the decision we ever made for the kids! Each year, their experience gets better. Even when they struggle with activities, they get better and more confident each time. The blend of physical activities, silliness and caring from the staff makes Camp Pinnacle a truly special experience for our kids. This was our 4th year, and they love it more each time. They look forward to it every year and even talk about how many more years they get to go until they “age out.” – Bridget Johnson, parent from Raleigh, NC

My girls loved camp. I really liked the nightly newsletters and photos and the camp’s entire mentality. Your website is excellent and the source that led us to your camp and made us feel comfortable choosing it, even though we knew no one who had attended it. You all opened camp, and we really appreciated the creative focus on how to make camp happen in a COVID-safe manner. My 9-year-old really, really needed this experience. As a family with multiple traditions and religions, we also needed a camp that didn’t incorporate religion so thank you for making your camp a place that works for all types of children. Your directors are so warm. My children loved every second of camp. We loved sending them to a place that incorporates growth mind research, new experiences, nature and fun all at the same time. My children LOVED the counselors. They rattled off all of their favorites (perhaps 10 in all) and all of their counselors’ nicknames. I loved that they felt connected to an array of young adults of both genders. They liked their cabinmates, too, but the counselors were the highlight. – Courtney Yarbrough, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

Camp Pinnacle is a warm, caring, nurturing place, where kids are encouraged, within gently provided guardrails, to try new things and explore new interests. It’s amazing. Emily in particular couldn’t wait to show me all of her new friends, and started FaceTiming them moments after she got home. – Rachel Safferstone, parent from New York, NY

My child came back from camp glowing!  He has a fire in his eyes I haven’t seen until now.  I can’t express how much he loved camp.  He has been back for over almost two weeks and not a day goes by that I don’t hear a new camp story. – Jenny Isaac, parent from Tampa, FL

Eliza refers to camp as her second home.  As a 5th year camper, she has built relationships with staff, counselors, and cabin friends that last from year to year.  She can’t wait to pack her trunk and is happy to trade her phone for her backpack.  We love that she builds confidence, self-esteem, and social skills with every summer session. – Beth Bledsoe, parent from Davidson, NC

We took a lot of time to make a smart sleep away camp choice, knowing and hoping that we would return for many years. Six years later we now KNOW that we made the best choice.  – Erin Talbert, parent from Chadd’s Ford, PA

Camp Pinnacle is the best experience I have provided my children! It’s so good for them, and they don’t even realize it because they have so much fun. – Julie Harelson, parent from Savannah, GA

We wanted her to have a different kind of experience without electronics and learn to socialize with people from outside of our hometown.  Sofia was the happiest I have seen her in a very long time when I picked her up from camp. She has not stopped talking about all the friends she made, the counselors and other staff members that made her feel like she was part of their family. She tried all kinds of things she wouldn’t have ever tried at home and gained self-confidence, making new friends and being her genuine self. – Cristina Pena, parent from Doral, FL

We were thrilled to find a camp that used research and best practices to develop the camp program. Camp Pinnacle’s caring and supportive environment helped my son feel more comfortable when he took on new challenges. – Nancy Friedman, parent from Tallahassee, FL

Amelia’s friend raved about Camp Pinnacle. And we loved the focus on cabin activities and adventure versus individual achievement and ranks at her previous summer camp, so we gave it a try and our daughter absolutely loved Camp Pinnacle. She developed a love for hiking and camping, made great friends, really loved her counselors, and can’t wait to go back next year! – Jess Aylor, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

My son said, “it was the best experience of my life!”  He loved camp and we loved the communication from camp. He had a rough first few days – very homesick – and I felt incredibly reassured by the approach camp took…Camp Pinnacle already knew my son. CP saw him as an individual, listened really well to him, and supported him where he needed support.  Thank you for an incredible summer. – Casey Banta, parent from Wake Forest, NC

On a scale of 1-10, Camp Pinnacle is an 11. It exceeded all of our expectations, as well as the expectations of our children (who were dreading going without electronics for two weeks). We knew they’d have fun but weren’t prepared for how much they would love it and grow. This camp lets kids be kids while teaching them through a wide variety of activities – the value of nature, friendship, trust, inclusion, communication, resilience, and goal setting. Our boys came home after camp with greater self-confidence and more empathy and patience towards others.  – Denise & Matt Malivuk, parents from Ashburn, VA

The opportunity for our kids to continue their independent camp journey is not something we can give them in any other moment of their lives. The structure of outdoor time, play, challenges, comfort, and discomfort is absolutely a game changer for our kids. They come home different people every year and are better in so many aspects as a result of the experience.  – Kris High, parent from Cherry Hills Village, CO

A truly special experience that allows your child to disconnect from the electronic world, get dirty and have fun, and personally grow in a positive, beautiful environment. – Dyan Chaney, parent from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Amazing! Everything about CP is top notch. We especially love that kids don’t just stay at camp but go on adventures off-camp in the surrounding areas. Every single person at camp is really nice and Kajisa appreciates that the camp makes sure that everyone feels welcome. – Kristina Gorzynski, parent from Sammamish, WA

Everything about Bowen’s Camp Pinnacle experience exceeded our expectations. We love Camp Pinnacle’s outdoor, no-tech philosophy, the extensive list of activities, and the mountain environment. We felt that it was important for Bowen to have the opportunity to meet new friends and try new activities without us being there to encourage him. We would without hesitation recommend Camp Pinnacle. We loved the opportunity for our son to participate in so many activities in a gorgeous outdoor environment in North Carolina. Our son has talked about camp, daily and sometimes more, since returning weeks ago. – Kimberly Knight, parent from Charleston, SC

Ella describes Camp Pinnacle as a wholesome, fun-filled, adventuresome time. When I picked her up, she did not stop talking about her great time and adventures and the people for three  hours. She grew so much, increasing her confidence and self-esteem during camp. – Suzanne Ambrose, parent from Jupiter, FL

Camp Pinnacle is a truly special place that fosters community and encourages kids to explore new things.They legitimately deliver on the 5 R’s and model a supportive community that is sometimes lacking in the real world. We feel very blessed to be part of the CP family. – Carole Hord, parent from Atlanta, GA

We love CP because there is so much thought and care put into every decision. The counselors are amazing and Julian raves about Chef Richard’s food. Looking at the photos each day we can see how much fun the kids are having in all of the amazing activities offered. – Heather Vargas, parent from Houston, TX

Camp grows independence, social skills and brings back the summers of our childhood without technology. It’s a place kids can be kids again without the pressures of modern day. – Ellie Campbell, parent from Black Mountain, NC

I loved your philosophy and felt like your camp was going to be a great place to push Charlie out of his comfort zone is a safe, reasonable, and fun way. Your philosophy gave me confidence that your camp could help Charlie grow in his own confidence – which it did! Plus, your videos make your camp look like something straight out of a movie, and I wanted to go there myself!!  – Donna Hart, parent from Cary, NC

Stupendous! All the reasons we send our kids to camp came to fruition this one summer for our son. He overcame adversity with severe homesickness, made new friends, tried (and liked) a variety of foods (same ones he gets at home and hates but it’s so good at camp!), had to take real responsibility for his self and possessions. Our kids have come home more confident, capable, and stronger as a unit. Our three kids had to really lean on each other to get past homesickness and that shared bond has visibly changed how the three work together now that they are home. – Kyla de Asla, parent from Naples Fl

Camp made our children feel special and unique as individuals while teaching them how to enhance their experiences as part of a group. – Erika Lipkin, parent from Cary NC

Camp Pinnacle is the best thing you could ever do for your child, they will learn so much about team work, learn about being responsible, and working with others, they will become friends with people from all over and people they would never expect to be friends with, learn how to better use their words, and how to handle situations properly just over my child came back a whole new person and it’s a great thing… Camp Pinnacle really taught my child so much about life my child faced their fears of a lot of things and didn’t even miss their electronics – Kassie Engst, parent from Tampa, FL

To ask Peyton about camp and hear it’s the most amazing experience of my life was all it took to send her back. We travel with our children all over the world and your only competition is Greece. Camp boosted her confidence, gave her a sense of independence that she was seeking. It created “her own thing” outside of family life and exposed her to activities we don’t do or have access to in FL. She has maintained close friendships with the girls she met her first year. Camp provides role models she looks up to and those counselors boost her self-esteem and push her to try new things and push barriers she’s set for herself. The staff become like family and lifelong friendships are made.  – Deanna Hatmaker, parent from Indian Rocks Beach, FL

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