2020 Parent Testimonials

My child absolutely loved her time away at Camp Pinnacle. Upon picking her up to go home, one of the first things she said to me was, “I’m not ready to leave. Can I come back next summer?” Wowzers! That pretty much validated our decision to let her go. I am forever grateful to the CP staff for having the courage to make camp happen during this questionable time as a result of COVID-19. – Lorre Rogers-Franco, parent from Scottsdale, AZ

The twins had such a good time! They couldn’t stop talking about it when they got home. I love that Camp Pinnacle has become such a core part of their childhood. Choosing Camp Pinnacle was the decision we ever made for the kids! Each year, their experience gets better. Even when they struggle with activities, they get better and more confident each time. The blend of physical activities, silliness and caring from the staff makes Camp Pinnacle a truly special experience for our kids. This was our 4th year, and they love it more each time. They look forward to it every year and even talk about how many more years they get to go until they “age out.” – Bridget Johnson, parent from Raleigh, NC

My girls loved camp. I really liked the nightly newsletters and photos and the camp’s entire mentality. Your website is excellent and the source that led us to your camp and made us feel comfortable choosing it, even though we knew no one who had attended it. You all opened camp, and we really appreciated the creative focus on how to make camp happen in a COVID-safe manner. My 9-year-old really, really needed this experience. As a family with multiple traditions and religions, we also needed a camp that didn’t incorporate religion so thank you for making your camp a place that works for all types of children. Your directors are so warm. My children loved every second of camp. We loved sending them to a place that incorporates growth mind research, new experiences, nature and fun all at the same time. My children LOVED the counselors. They rattled off all of their favorites (perhaps 10 in all) and all of their counselors’ nicknames. I loved that they felt connected to an array of young adults of both genders. They liked their cabinmates, too, but the counselors were the highlight. – Courtney Yarbrough, parent from Chapel Hill, NC

Camp Pinnacle is a warm, caring, nurturing place, where kids are encouraged, within gently provided guardrails, to try new things and explore new interests. It’s amazing. Emily in particular couldn’t wait to show me all of her new friends, and started FaceTiming them moments after she got home. – Rachel Safferstone, parent from New York, NY

Camp Pinnacle exceeds my already high expectations on every level. And they did it again in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. As my son Levi said, “It’s hard to explain. Stuff that would embarrass me normally just didn’t there. I got to be myself all the time, and it was cool.” I was blown away. The daily posts detailing out the philosophy and progression throughout the session were so helpful and insightful. – Laura Belanger, parent from Hendersonville, NC

Freddy had enjoyed his first summer experience so much that there was no question he would return this year. Our younger son Frankie wanted to go this summer as well, though he was a little nervous about it. Getting a personal tour of Camp Pinnacle in March really made a huge difference for him. We could tell that he became more comfortable with his decision to attend camp and certainly more excited at that point! After attending family camp, Josh and I now feel really certain that our youngest, Annie, will thrive at camp as well, even though she will only be 6 years old next summer. Camp Pinnacle is a magical place. From the setting on private Wolfe Lake to the beautiful surrounding mountains to the incredible facilities and the top-notch staff who make every family and child feel welcome, we cannot imagine sending our children to any other camp. Every time I called Camp Pinnacle as a prospective family, I immediately felt so comfortable with the idea of sending my 7-year-old to camp for two weeks. It was one of those strange but wonderful feelings… I just knew that he was going to thrive there! The preparation and academics that go into the planning and programming are so evident to parents, but to the lucky kids who attend camp—they just get to have these incredibly fun experiences without recognizing the accelerations they are experiencing in their own development. Thank you for making learning so much fun! – Erin Allen, parent from Atlantic Beach, FL

With everything going on in our world, our daughter needed some sense of normalcy, and she had one of her best summers yet. Camp Pinnacle is a great way for her to get back to life, put down the phone and iPad, and make friends and play like a kid is meant to. – Jennifer Orsi, parent from Jupiter, FL

Camp Pinnacle is the best experience I have provided my children! It’s so good for them, and they don’t even realize it because they have so much fun. – Julie Harelson, parent from Savannah, GA

We love CP! My children have loved Camp Pinnacle year after year, and 2020 was no exception. They make good friends, they bond with their counselors, they have a lot of fun with amazing activities, and they build confidence and independence. They find their cabin communities to be caring and full of friendships, and they enjoyed all their counselors this year. – Kate McCarthy, parent from Warrenton, VA

What we have always appreciated about Camp Pinnacle is how thoughtful the entire staff is about their approach to the camp experience for each child. I know that my boys are known to the entire camp staff, and that their experience is guided by a comprehensive philosophy and plan. My sons love the experience and get exposed to nature and outdoor activities in a way they wouldn’t at home. They learn, grow, and mature each year. Deciding to send our boys to camp this year was scary. However, we were impressed with the thoroughness of the camp’s safety plan and knew we could trust leadership to do everything possible to keep our boys safe. It was exactly what our whole family needed after being cooped up together all spring and summer. – Tiffany Shiver, parent from Cincinnati, OH

We chose Camp Pinnacle because of the 5 R’s and how clearly the philosophy was outlined online. The 5 R’s easily apply to family and school life to help create children who are ready to handle adversity and make the world a better place. We do lots of outdoorsy stuff as a family, so the outdoors reinforcement is appreciated and a reason we chose CP. This year, I felt confident in the plans CP communicated to parents. I feel lucky that all sessions remained COVID-19 free. – Kelly Opipari, parent from North Bethesda, MD

We returned to CP this year because we felt it was very important for Conor to be outdoors, take part in all the activities available, and see some old friends and make new ones. Also, all the steps and precautions Camp Pinnacle took to open really made us feel at ease. Coming from NY, that was not an easy decision! While clearly a different year with respect to the pandemic, the experience was just as good as his first year. The team at Camp Pinnacle has done a fantastic job in ensuring such a great experience for all of the kids. It’s the reason we make the trip from NY! – Tom Torpey, parent from Tomkins Cove, NY

This year, Camp Pinnacle did an excellent job of preparing and adjusting their program to meet campers’ needs in a challenging environment. They covered all the bases! The programs and activities are extremely well-planned, and the staff did a great job implementing those plans every day. We were super impressed with how much was packed into two weeks! Both kids had a blast—game-changer for their mental health. Thank you. – Rob and Elysia Clemens, parent from Broomfield, CO

I believed participating in Camp Pinnacle would be a wonderful experience for my girls considering the long weeks of quarantine leading up to camp. I’m so thankful this opportunity opened up for both of my girls to have positive interaction with new friends and new experiences! Camp Pinnacle enabled my daughters to try new adventures and gain a new sense of accomplishment under the capable and professional guidance of the staff and counselors. They met sweet friends that they had the most fun adventures alongside and developed healthy bonds with. I think all the staff and counselors were wonderful this summer. They showed amazing leadership skills and endurance, as well as unending patience with the kids. Thank you for a wonderful summer! – Tara Jelley, parent from Pisgah Forest, NC

My daughter returned to CP because she wouldn’t have it any other way. She needed the normalcy after a crazy spring. I knew she needed to see her returning camp friends and counselors! – Sara Cahill, parent from Davidson, NC

Both boys still talk about their counselors! While Elijah’s gave him confidence and independence, Nate’s provided a “second dad” and comfort experience. We couldn’t have asked for better remarks when we picked them up. They absolutely raved about the activities and couldn’t name one negative thing about camp. If you want your child to gain independence, resilience, confidence, and have fun 100 percent of the time while gaining these attributes, then send them to Camp Pinnacle. The life lessons they learn every day at camp are invaluable, and they will become better kids and future adults with this experience. We loved the daily updates—keep those coming! And all of the communication leading up to camp keeping us informed during this uncertain time was second to none and honestly why we felt comfortable still sending them. With that type of due diligence upfront, we knew everything else would be on par. Thank you for making this the most memorable summer for my boys! We have already signed them up for next year! – Dina Galloway, parent from Odessa, FL

Everything about Bowen’s Camp Pinnacle experience exceeded our expectations. We love Camp Pinnacle’s outdoor, no-tech philosophy, the extensive list of activities, and the mountain environment. We felt that it was important for Bowen to have the opportunity to meet new friends and try new activities without us being there to encourage him. We would without hesitation recommend Camp Pinnacle. We loved the opportunity for our son to participate in so many activities in a gorgeous outdoor environment in North Carolina. Our son has talked about camp, daily and sometimes more, since returning weeks ago. – Kimberly Knight, parent from Charleston, SC

Ella describes Camp Pinnacle as a wholesome, fun-filled, adventuresome time. When I picked her up, she did not stop talking about her great time and adventures and the people for three  hours. She grew so much, increasing her confidence and self-esteem during camp. – Suzanne Ambrose, parent from Jupiter, FL

Camp Pinnacle is a truly special place that fosters community and encourages kids to explore new things.They legitimately deliver on the 5 R’s and model a supportive community that is sometimes lacking in the real world. We feel very blessed to be part of the CP family. – Carole Hord, parent from Atlanta, GA

My daughters LOVED Camp Pinnacle! When they got into the car at pick-up, Evie said, “That is the best thing I’ve done all year… it felt like COVID didn’t exist.” They both really loved their cabinmates and especially their counselors. They’ve been talking about their counselors every day since and are in group texts with their camp friends. – Grace Cowen, parent from Sullivans Island, SC

My son came to Camp Pinnacle because of their extensive and thoughtful safety measures in place; focus on giving kids a change to be kids during these challenging days; social interaction and focus on social development… and because he was begging to go. There is thought and intent related to child development in every activity, yet the activities are so fun, the kids don’t realize there is learning and growing as part of the experience. It all comes together for them toward the end of the camp experience when they have time to reflect. As an only child, Aaron had a great opportunity to learn to be in a communal setting, seeing how his actions impact others. He loved bunk time—it sounds like the campers and counselors had many jokes and created memories together. – Laura Baldwin, parent from Atlanta, GA

Our son came home from Pinnacle this year the happiest we had seen him in a long time (since quarantine started). He made wonderful new friends, felt supported by his cabin counselors, and was pushed out of his comfort zone to try new activities. He absolutely loved his counselors. He felt they were fun, supportive, high energy, and very positive. He also got along very well with his cabinmates and made plenty of friends. – Victoria Ziegler, parent from Matthews, NC

At Camp Pinnacle, my kids feel completely comfortable to be themselves and try anything. The emphasis on a positive, accepting environment erases the social pressure to conform that they feel in their day-to-day life. The supportive, encouraging climate also encourages them to try different things without the pressure to be great or the best, which tends to be the norm in their sports at home. Seamus’ counselors created a great community within the cabin. They found creative ways for Seamus to see his friends from other neighborhoods and kept camp interesting and age-appropriate for the older boys. They were proactive in addressing any issues in social dynamics in the cabin and prevented any conflicts. Camp Pinnacle’s communication is always excellent, but I feel like you really nailed it this year. Prior to opening, your letters were very clear, transparent, and positive. By detailing your decision process, you gained our trust in the plan. I actually forwarded some of the messages to the headmaster at the school where I teach because I felt they were so well-done. – Margaret Laffin, parent from Middletown, NJ

Our daughter had so much fun her first time last year and was really looking forward to going back. We were nervous but so happy that you decided to open. The kids needed it more than ever this year! I’m not sure what you could do to improve this experience. Thank you for all your hard work—it was really above and beyond. We can’t wait to come back next year! – Christine Barrett, parent from Jupiter, FL

Camp Pinnacle was everything we could have hoped for… this year (during COVID) in particular, we credit camp with truly bringing our child “back” to us. His words: “It was really fun. My counselor, cabinmates, and all the other people who worked there were really nice to me. I had fun with everyone. The food was really good, the activities were really fun, and I really want to go back.” – Michelle Weinraub, parent from Fair Lawn, NJ

CP gives our children the opportunity to grow on so many levels in what is really such a short amount of time. The challenges they conquer, the friends they make, the independence they achieve, and the role models they have access to is truly priceless. Maggie loved her counselors so much and had the most fun imaginable with her bunk mates. They were a great group of girls who enhanced her experience tremendously. What a great team you have put together, from the director level all the way to the selection and training of counselors! Thank you so much. – Mike Giblin, parent from Wilmington, NC

Claire’s camp experience was everything we wished for her! I simply can’t say enough about how thrilled we are. One of the first things she said after we picked her up was, “Can I please go back next summer?” I don’t know if we have ever seen a happier smile on our child’s face. She was beaming! We feel her experience at Camp Pinnacle was a defining time in her childhood and one she will never forget. Claire is very much a homebody; we worried she would be terribly homesick, but the truth is she didn’t want to come home. We felt she needed this separation from us and an opportunity to be free, especially during this abnormal time. She was a first-time camper and knew no one going in. It was an amazing growing experience for her. Everything was perfect! We couldn’t be more pleased. – Angie Collins, parent from Hendersonville, NC

Our son has gone to another camp in the area for the past two years, and it was closed due to COVID. But Quincy says he wants to return to Pinnacle! Camp Pinnacle has unique activities that other camps don’t have, such as the whitewater rafting, plethora of lake activities, and the set-up of the mountain biking trails. Quincy had an absolute blast, and we were thrilled at all of the different activities that he tried, the goals that he made with mountain biking, and the confidence he built just having a great time with the boys. – Kristen Wood, parent from Greenville, SC

My son returned to Camp Pinnacle because he’s enjoyed it the last three summers. He really needed the outlet after pandemic isolation. They have big, established, well-thought-out capital improvements each year, offer endless choices of activities, and were well-run, especially during the pandemic. – Laura Freemen, parent from Charlotte, NC

Summer 2020 was quite the challenge for Camp Pinnacle, but I think you all did an outstanding job of allowing our kids to have a safe and memorable experience. Miles returned to CP because of the wonderful experiences you give him, the beautiful lifelong friendships he develops…  And because he doesn’t stop talking about camp all year round. CP is not only a camp that allows your child to experience whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and hiking—their philosophy is second to none. Every summer my son walks away with life lessons and friendships that you cannot put a price tag on. I have to give that credit to CP’s amazing counselors. The training they receive helps them promote inclusion and a family culture. – Cassandra Villarreal, parent from Tampa, FL

Thank you for taking the chance on camp this summer. I know it was incredibly stressful, so much extra work but you made memories that will never be forgotten. – Shannon Auten, parent from Hendersonville, NC

There are so many attributes to CP, it’s hard to describe in just a few words. I think in the end it comes down to providing my kids with an opportunity for guided independence, exposure to activities that are different and oftentimes outside of their comfort zones, the ability to socially interact and form long-lasting friendships away from electronics… all in a beautiful setting managed by a team of people who really care. This was my kids’ 5th year at CP, and somehow it never gets old. Congratulations to the entire team for pulling off an amazing camp this year. Your efforts paid off! – Cristina Baldim, parent from Aventura, FL

The Camp Pinnacle experience has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our daughter. Not only does she have a ton of fun at camp, but she has also grown from it. It immensely helps with character-building, and she always comes back happier, more responsible, and with a positive outlook. It is definitely an experience that all children should get to have at least once in their lifetime. The staff is top-notch, patient, and always so friendly and knowledgeable; they make the decision easy to send my daughter to camp. My daughter had the friendliest cabinmates and counselors ever. She only wishes her peers at school could be just as kind and awesome. Pinnacle is the best camp ever—where every detail, big or small, has been thoughtfully curated. – Michael Tomasello, parent from Durham, NC

My daughter needed an amazing summer experience after so much disappointment at the end of the school year. And what an experience for the first time at camp… she didn’t want to leave and is still talking about her time there and all the wonderful counselors and friends she made. Our younger daughter will be going next year with her for sure! Thanks for her BEST EVER summer! – Holly Clement, parent from Miami Beach, FL

Camp Pinnacle offers an amazing growth opportunity for kids to expand their social and emotional maturity and build character through testing their level of comfort (without electronics) and learn more about themselves. Our daughter enjoyed meeting new friends, learning how to work with different personalities, and build relationships that could follow her into the future. She also enjoyed almost all of the outdoor activities and the FOOD! – Laurie Swope, parent from Suwanee, GA

We registered for this year after the close of last summer’s session, as Lauren had a fantastic experience. We followed your COVID announcements and updates closely, hoping always that you would find a way to open camp safely. We never had a doubt that we would send her if you were open. My daughter has found her tribe at camp. She is happiest in a group of uplifting, positive young women who radiate joy. I appreciate CP for maintaining its standards for campers, and attracting kids who come ready to be their best, and bring out the best in others. – Kelly Powrie, parent from Durham, NC

Parker is a CP regular who looks forward to camp all year. He loves being in nature and being active. He begs for more weeks each year. This year, Lily was a first-timer. She was scheduled to attend a different camp but it was cancelled. My kids came home with such a bright outlook on life. Their independence has soared in ways that I can’t teach at home. – Mollie Williams, parent from Durham, NC

Camp Pinnacle is the perfect version of a classic summer camp, geared toward what today’s kids need: outdoors, no screens, and gentle challenges to push them beyond their normal limits. An additional bonus, which we hadn’t anticipated, was the non-denominational focus on values and being a good person. It’s hard to find that kind of communal experience and discussion in the secular world, and we’re beyond thrilled our kids had this chance. We’ve been impressed every step of the way. – Kelly Fried, parent from Seminole, FL

Sarah loved every minute of camp and so desperately needed that adventure and growth opportunity this summer. She loved the range of activities, the chance to meet wonderful new friends, and the exciting outdoor adventures. Thanks for making it happen safely! – Jennifer Emmett, parent from Chevy Chase, MD

Cody’s time at camp is so valuable on many different levels. I see a direct impact on his home relationships as a result of the environment that is cultivated at camp. He looks forward to his time at CP every year. We as parents are thankful that CP decided to put in the work needed to open camp during a global pandemic! – Josie Frieser, parent from Charlotte, NC

Luke loved his camp experience this year, as always. He acknowledged that a few things were different, but said it was still a blast. Camp Pinnacle is the best growth experience he has all year. Every year, the 12 days he spends at Camp Pinnacle are the most important growth experience he has. It pushes him to step out of his comfort zone, take reasonable risks, and build healthy relationships with other kids in the safe space of the camp “family” environment. And this year, with the great plan CP had in place, I felt the benefits exceeded the risks. – Chris Funes, parent from Baton Route, LA

This was our second year at Camp Pinnacle. My boys loved it last year and were heartbroken that it may not have happened. It was important for us to give our boys this experience again, despite the world’s current health crisis. It was worth the risk… this we knew for sure. We are so pleased that we followed our intuition, as they had an amazing time. And we are in awe at how Camp Pinnacle pulled together to provide an outstanding experience this summer. We were unsure how the changes would translate due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, we were willing to stay positive and take whatever we could from the experience as we looked forward to next year and “getting back to normal.” How impressive it was to watch this session unfold! This year really stood out and held its own as an amazing camp experience. It’s obvious that creating a true family atmosphere takes precedence, and for this we are eternally grateful. Even with our minimal exposure to the campus and limited conversations with staff, my husband and I felt so welcome. The daily updates and pedagogical explanations for how and why you run your program as you do were so touching and heartfelt. In addition, the deep reverence you have for childhood itself is so apparent and is felt deeply by parents who share your philosophy. Thank you for being alive and offering Camp Pinnacle to the world! – Jodi Begala, parent from Sarasota, FL

We chose Camp Pinnacle based on a tour we took as a family in 2019. We liked the campus, the variety of activities offered, and the level of organization from an administrative standpoint (great communication leading up to camp as well as daily updates during their session). It was Colin and Laila’s first year at sleepaway camp, and CP exceeded expectations. Pinnacle provides a fun and safe environment in which children can grow and explore. We felt extremely comfortable sending our children knowing that good values, such as the 5 R’s, were being taught and demonstrated. The entire team of counselors had such great energy and positivity on opening day—it was infectious! My kids’ jitters started to disappear once they met the fun and kind staff that they would be spending their session with. A+++! – Kathleen Malpeli, parent from Mt. Pleasant, SC

Our girls had another amazing summer at Camp Pinnacle. Thanks for being open and for taking careful precautions. They were overwhelmed with happiness (to the point of tears) when they found out they could go to camp this summer. Their experiences have far exceeded all of our expectations. We are in this for the long haul for both of our girls. Each summer, they grow in areas of personal development and character. The counselors were phenomenal. Thank you for recruiting and hiring such amazing and talented students and training them so well. Our third-year paddles are hung in a prominent place and are a source of joy and pride to the girls. We can’t thank Camp Pinnacle enough for being their family away from home. – Jennifer Cales, parent from Orlando, FL

Hardy REALLY enjoys his CP time; he loves camp and talks about it during the school year. Experiencing the beauty of NC, outdoor adventures, and a wide variety of activities provides Hardy benefits well beyond the two weeks he is in your excellent care. We highly recommend CP! – Allison Dogan, parent from St. Louis, MO

Marlowe and Teddy had two wonderful weeks of outdoor, unplugged freedom with “so cool” counselors, awesome activities, and kids their age. To say they are counting down the days until next summer is an understatement. Lenny and I love how the boys bring life lessons home, take on more responsibility, and teach us all of the wonderful camps songs. A huge thank you to everyone who cared for the boys. They feel safe and cared for at camp. Because of you, they feel free to be themselves and pushed to be the best versions of themselves. – Jessie Rutland, parent from St. Augustine, FL

We value the Camp Pinnacle experience tremendously for all of the various facets of the programming and the bucolic setting. Camp Pinnacle is a comprehensive, values-based, exploration of self for our children. They are challenged and encouraged, spending their days fully engaged in activities that nourish them physically, psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Decisions by the trustworthy leadership team are made with purpose and are consistently in line with the mission of the camp. We plan to send our children for their fourth year next summer, and they will likely be joined by their cousin! – Kersten Biehn, parent from Durham, NC

The decision to send our kids to Camp Pinnacle has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents thus far. The incredible experiences both our boys have had simply could never be replicated within our family unit; by stepping out of their comfort zone, they’ve developed confidence, independence, and resilience that will benefit them throughout their lives. This year, it was absolutely necessary to unplug from electronics, be in the great outdoors, reconnect with friends from last year, and make new ones, too! The well-thought-out, organized approach and safeguards made us feel confident in the decision we made. We love Camp Pinnacle! – Kisa Shapiro, parent from Tampa, FL

Camp Pinnacle challenges kids to try new activities while cultivating an independent spirit and a love of the outdoors. The structure of camp promotes confidence as campers take reasonable risks and encounter obstacles in a safe and supervised environment. This year, Camp Pinnacle was open and committed to giving campers a safe camp experience! Our precious camp cancelled all sessions this summer, and we found Pinnacle at the very last minute on the recommendation of a returning family. After perusing the very thorough website, we were so excited to apply for a spot and knew that Camp Pinnacle was the best antidote for the last several months of quarantine. The staff was excellent in explaining the registration process for new family enrollment, and we were thrilled that CP found a spot for our daughter! She will definitely return. – Matthew and Lauren Flatow, parents from Charlotte, NC

Camp Pinnacle is just perfect—from the session dates to location and nature to activities and great people and values. The kids have so much fun, and I believe they turn into slightly better human beings. This summer, I was very satisfied with your safety protocol. – Anna Firestone, parent from Alpharetta, GA

My son is not the outdoorsy type, but he loves so many things about Camp Pinnacle! He tells me CP has taught him to be passionate about preserving the outdoors. The activities are great experiences for him, and he gets braver and stronger every year. What I am most surprised about is how much he LOVES the food! I have anxiety when I send him away, as he is an incredibly fickle eater, but he raves about Chef Richard’s food! I love the friendships he is developing. He comes home kinder to his little brother and more of a helper to me. I just can’t say enough about the positive impact CP has on my son. It is remarkable. And every year, the impact is deeper and more notable. We love CP! – Melanie Maxey, parent from New Orleans, LA

Caroline loved Camp Pinnacle. As a new camper to Pinnacle, we couldn’t have asked for more. She has gone to another camp for five years, but actually loved Pinnacle more. – Suzanne Arthur, parent from Tampa, FL

Our kids have the best two weeks at Camp Pinnacle. They may have gotten homesick, but the moment we picked them up the first thing they said was, “We want to come back next year.” They get to do so many things that they would normally not have a chance to, they become self-sufficient, and they become more outgoing. Overall, it’s just an amazing experience. Even with all the changes and risks due to COVID, we wanted them to go to camp and get two weeks away from all the stress. – Sabrina Wallace, parent from Cary, NC

Camp Pinnacle provides a safe, enriching environment, free from normal stresses and pressures, where kids can create meaningful relationships with new people from all over the country (and world), and experience the outdoors in a fun and non competitive way. This was Coral’s fourth year at Camp Pinnacle. She loves it and can’t imagine a summer without CP. She values the connections she makes with her cabinmates and counselors and enjoys all of the fun activities she gets to do while at camp. Thank you for your hard work this year in tackling the challenges of covid to create a fun and safe camp experience for Coral once again. – Laura Sklenicka, parent from Atlantic Beach, FL

This year when we picked our daughter up, she said… “Best ever! That’s the best time I ever had!” Normally we have to pry information out of her, and on our way home she didn’t stop talking for two hours. She really needed time with peers and outdoor activities despite the pandemic. We felt safe with the precautions you all took to make sure camp was healthy. She loves Camp Pinnacle, and we plan on sending her as long as we can. – Shelby Cline, parent from St. Augustine, FL

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