First-Year Campers

When asked on a “from 1 to 10” scale what my daughter’s first overnight camp experience had been like, she gave an enthusiastic “11!” This from our bookworm child who would never even consider discussing overnight camp—until presented with the Camp Pinnacle website. She was literally standing taller and bursting with details about how awesome her time at Pinnacle had been. – Lauren Drake, Chapel Hill, NC

We are always impressed with our new campers. It takes courage to leave the comforts of family and home to try something new in an unfamiliar place. We know that new campers are often nervous, and we recognize that challenge and turn it into an opportunity to build confidence and independence. Opening Day is carefully choreographed to help new campers quickly make friends and learn their way around campus. When our campers arrive, our counselors greet them as if they’ve known them forever!

We especially honor our youngest campers because we know this is often their first time away from home for an extended period. The youngest girls’ cabins are outfitted with an impressive treehouse and swinging bridge, and our youngest boys get to escape via a fireman’s pole and slide! Their cabin communities are made up of eight to 10 campers and two counselors, and by the end of camp, they’ve formed incredibly close bonds and usually become friends for life.