Girls’ Life at Camp

Camp Pinnacle has totally transformed our daughter. She comes home every year stronger, braver, and more self-assured. Camp is her favorite part of the year; she talks about camp all year long. – Mary, parent from Mt. Juliet, TN

As much fun as camp activities are, close friendships and community are the best part of our girls’ experience at Camp Pinnacle. Our primary focus is building a tight-knit, clique-free, and welcoming (no mean girls here!) cabin community facilitated by strong, fun, and compassionate female role models. We create a healthy, empowering environment by removing electronics, status updates, and social media, and spending two weeks bonding over shared experiences, activities, and creative special events.

Camp friends are the best friends! We begin with a great group of girls who are eager to embrace camp life. The friendships formed at camp can be so powerful that most of our campers stay in touch with their new “best friends” long after camp ends. The bonds our campers form at Pinnacle help expand their social confidence, letting them view their electronic world at school with a new perspective. Building a network of great new camp friends from around the country and world can be an important and invaluable source of strength as we help girls expand their horizons beyond home and school.

It’s easy to face new challenges and try new activities when you have a supportive group of friends and counselors who are invested in your success. We believe in challenge by choice, and Pinnacle is loaded with fun and attainable challenges (from ziplining to mountain biking to rock climbing) that build confidence by engendering a constant feeling of success. Shared outdoor activities enhance friendships, and our girls love whitewater rafting, camping, and hiking together as a close community. Through the development of new skills, exciting activities and a strong sense of belonging, our Pinnacle girls gain self-confidence, social-confidence and independence.

Our counselors help girls develop a sense of self, based on who they are rather, than what they look like, wear, or own. The rustic summer camp living and scenic outdoor environment sets up a community where kindness and inclusivity matter more than appearance, brands, or material possessions. Together, we focus on becoming the best version of ourselves. Our evening circles, where we strengthen our cabin communities, also help girls improve communication skills, find their voices, and validate their self-worth based on their character and accomplishments.

Rather than live up to an image defined by social media, we find that at Camp Pinnacle, girls appreciate the break from texting and Instagram. They quickly learn to love the simplicity of life outdoors and the joys of face-to-face companionship and friendships. Finding success without digital media helps girls better define how technology can fit into their world, rather than feeling the need to fit themselves into our technological world.

We all need help raising our girls to become strong, independent, confident and empowered women. We think Camp Pinnacle is the perfect summer place for girls.