Boys’ Life at Camp

From pre-camp prep to follow-up, if you have any hesitation, make the leap! The folks at Camp Pinnacle made sure I had all the info I needed to make Hardy’s first sleep-away experience the best! He did not hesitate when asked if he was coming next summer—the answer was yes. – Allison, parent from St. Louis, MO

It can be hard growing up as a boy in today’s world. A generation ago, boys could be found outside running freely through neighborhoods or riding bikes as primary transportation. Now, they are more likely to be inside, connected to a screen. The emphasis on standardized testing in schools doesn’t play to boys’ natural strengths, and their brains are particularly susceptible to the addictive quality of video games. The bar for competitive sports has been raised to a level that demands intense commitment and specialization, where only a few ultimately succeed. As a result, many boys end up missing out on the inherent benefits of sports and outdoor activity.

Camp Pinnacle, however, is an antidote! It’s simply boy heaven. Here, boys have room to roam and can sample dozens of great activities, many of which they’ve never tried before. Mountain biking, backpacking, or kayaking are just a few examples of lifetime sports that can provide years of enjoyment long after they have hung up their soccer cleats.

Forging friendships is easy in an environment of constant outdoor activity and shared cabin life. There is just the right amount of friendly competition to keep boys engaged but never so much that winning takes precedence over growth, friendships, new skills, or fun. We believe in challenge by choice, and Pinnacle is loaded with fun and attainable challenges (from ziplining to mountain biking to backpacking) that build confidence by engendering a constant feeling of success.

The program for boys at Camp Pinnacle begins with a friendly, welcoming, and electronic-free environment. Boys tend to fear public failure or embarrassment, so our program uses fun to entice them to try and eventually excel at new activities. Our counselors epitomize both “kind” and “cool” and are able to support and encourage boys as they accept new challenges. Success beyond expectations coupled with newfound skills develops and improves perceived competence. Increased competence builds self-confidence. We emphasize and demonstrate that success is derived from hard work rather than innate talent or luck.

We make use of every acre of our wooded campus to give boys room to roam. Besides typical camp activities, boys may be found building a fort in the woods, spending down time in a hammock by our waterfall, or looking for salamanders in a creek. Shared activities and a non-competitive environment create spaces for easy conversations. Our nightly evening circle reinforces success in a format designed to enhance communication and collaboration skills.

Success and friendships made without the backdrops of electronics provide kids with new perspectives that may make them less dependent on their technologies once back home. Success away from parents and the small challenges and successes of managing their life at camp helps build confidence and independence.

In short, Camp Pinnacle is a haven for boys, and, most important (at least from boys’ perspective), there is always plenty of delicious and filling food. After all, growing boys smile more with a full stomach!

We all need help raising our boys, and we think Camp Pinnacle is the perfect place to do just that!