We Are Getting Ready for You! – May Camp Pinnacle Update.

Camp Pinnacle14 May, 2014
Finn and Cougar - the team to beat at the Gnar!
Finn and Cougar – the team to beat at the Gnarliest Kids Adventure Race Ever!

We are getting ready for you! We’ve already held our May Open House and hosted the “GNAR,” (an Adventure Race for over 200 kids.) Several Camp Pinnacle kids participated which made the race all the more fun! (11 of 36 medals went to Pinnacle or Adventure Treks kids)

Triangle Day School is currently at camp for an outdoor education program.  (Three year camper, Will  “HoJo” Norry is one of the students!) We will see the Galloway School soon. We have weddings scheduled for the next three weekends.

Our Counselor team has been hired and it’s an incredible bunch of people. More about these great folks coming next week! This fantastic counselor team will arrive at Camp on May 31 for Lifeguard Training which will be followed by two weeks of Counselor Orientation. Session 1 begins on June 15 when our first campers will finally arrive. To say we are excited would be an understatement!

"Rockzilla" - one of many new biking features in The Enchanted Forest
“Rockzilla” – one of many new biking features in The Enchanted Forest

We believe returning campers will be amazed at all that is new at Camp Pinnacle for summer 2014.  A new Camper will think all this great new stuff has been here forever and will simply be excited to try all that is fun and exciting at Camp Pinnacle!

First off – there is lots of new equipment: 16 new mountain bikes, 12 new SUPs , 12 new canoes, 2 new rowboats plus new backpacks, a new soccer goal and lots of great outdoor gear.

Mountain biking is probably the area where we have made the most improvements –  and we don’t think there is a summer camp in the country that has as cool a mountain biking facility as Pinnacle does. In the Bike Park, we have redesigned the pump track to make it ideal for smaller bikes and added a new feature named Copperhead Road.

We have added a new biking flow trail – And it’s fun! Real fun!

Then there is the unique biking area known as the Enchanted Forest – Get ready for exploration and adventure and then head to our Outback, where we have added three exciting new trails: Arachnophobia, Jabberwocky and Vertigo.

And if you aren’t a strong rider – we begin on the grassy field and we will teach you everything you need to know so you can have a blast improving your biking skills and gaining confidence at Pinnacle.

Lakeside - our new Amphitheatre
Lakeside – our new Amphitheater

Remember how we used to do morning assembly to the clatter of dishes being washed outside the Dining Hall? We now have the Brand New wonderful Lakeside Amphitheater to get our days off to a strong start.

On the waterfront:

We have built a new SUP Shed for the new SUPs and we hope to have a new SUP Dock completed before Camp begins.  Next week we will be building a new canoeing dock to go with our new canoes and canoe racks.

We have made some small improvements to the Mountain Waterslide – but don’t worry – It’s still as fast and fun as ever!

We have added another new waterfront deck – a perfect place for a picnic when we have cookouts down by Wolfe Lake

the Lognasium - our Natural Play Area
the Lognasium – our Natural Play Area


When you get hit out at GAGA ball never fear – head over to the “ Lognasium” to test your balance and agility!

And over in Adventure Land we have a new cargo net to test your climbing and traversing skills.

There is also a new slide in Canteen Alley that transports you to Mini Golf!

There are four new cabin decks in Boys World and two new cabin decks in Lady Land!

And if you are an 8 or 9 year old boy – You will finally have a new home in The Zoo – home to cabins  Panthertown and Eagle Rock – Our youngest boys are going to have a lot of fun living here this Summer. Who wouldn’t want a cabin with a fireman’s pole, sliding board and rooftop deck! Note to Girls: – Good things come

The Zoo - our Complex for 8 and 9 year old BOYZ!
The Zoo – our Complex for 8 and 9 year old BOYZ!

to those who wait – Next year your brand new girl’s tree house complex is going to be incredible!

So we have been working hard.  A lot of people have done a lot of work (and still are) as we rush to get ready for you. Thanks first to our maintenance team – Nick, Tom, Alaska, Will, Joe, Bowen and Wyatt! We appreciate all of their hard work. Next up for thanks is Rodney Robinson who built our Flow Trail and Lakeside Amphitheater.  Both are incredible! We’d also like to thank Ed Sutton and his team at Trail Dynamics for building the Enchanted Forest and our exciting new trails.

Bathroom in the "Zoo"
Bathroom in the “Zoo”

But even though there is a lot of great new stuff at camp, the best thing about camp  is that it isn’t about stuff – Camp is about the friends, community,  your counselors and all the wonderful outdoor activities we are going to do together. Get excited to grow through challenge, fun and community.

We still have a few spaces left for this summer. Please tell your friends about Camp Pinnacle!

Session I starts in 30 days – we can’t wait to see you!


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