Get to Know Camp Pinnacle Lingo

Cara Nisbet07 Apr, 2020

We know many of you will be attending Camp Pinnacle for the first time this summer. The thought of spending two to three weeks away from home can be overwhelming for a first-time camper… But don’t fret—we are here to help!

Let’s talk about the basics: What does a typical day at Camp Pinnacle? You’ve watched the videos, studied the activities, and read over the sample daily schedule, but what does it all mean? There may be some foreign words like Hypetivity, Lognasium, Thunderdome, and Lakeside; we break it down for you below.

Wake-up/morning clean-up

Each morning, the wake-up bell rings at 7:30 a.m. Campers have 45 minutes before breakfast to get ready for the day; everyone makes their beds, packs their backpack with everything needed for the day, and pitches in to clean up the cabin.


With all the fun campers have running around camp, they definitely work up an appetite. Lucky for you, Camp Pinnacle has the most delicious food around. We start our day with breakfast at 8:15 a.m. Both breakfast and dinner are served family-style, and you’ll sit with other kids of similar age with two counselors. Enjoying a meal family-style allows us to have a conversation about our day and meet new friends who may not be in your same cabin.

Lunch is served buffet-style. Once you’ve made up your plate, you’re free to sit anywhere in the dining hall, out on the huge porch overlooking the lake, or in girls’ hammock land (which is open to boys only during lunch).

At 6:15 p.m., we’ll gather for dinner in the dining hall. Several times each session, we switch it up and have dinner down by the waterfront for a camp-wide favorite: cookout!

Morning assembly

After breakfast, campers will gather in the amphitheater next to Wolfe Lake for songs, counselor and camper challenges, and daily announcements. Some days morning assembly is split by gender (girls at Lakeside, boys at Logside). But on the weekends, we all come together for camp-wide Lakeside.

Activity periods

There are six scheduled activities per day: three in the morning, and three in the afternoon, separated by lunch and downtime. Each cabin has a set weekly schedule of activities, and each day cabin groups move from activity to activity. These activities range from target sports to rock climbing, from stand-up paddleboarding to mountain biking, from nature to futsol… and so many more! This schedule allows campers to try every activity at least once during their first week.

Hypetivity / gym & swim

Hypetivity and gym & swim allow campers the chance to revisit their favorite activities each day. Hypetivity is high energy, with many activities available to campers. During a typical Hypetivity, the waterfront is open for swimming, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding, and campers can visit archery, riflery, mountain biking, and arts and crafts. A few other Hypetivity highlights may include the water zipline or the mountain slide.

Don’t forget about the fruit break at the start of each Hypetivity down by the waterfront. Grab an apple to stave off hunger before lunch!

Have you heard of the lognasium? This one-of-a-kind feature may look like a pile of stumps and logs, but through the excitement and energy from our campers and staff, it truly brings magic to camp every day. Meet a friend there to catch up about the day or see how long you can last in a game of lava. You can check out the lognasium during hypetivity or gym & swim.

Gym & swim allows us to slow down after a busy day. Before dinner, campers can swim, hop on SUPs or in  kayaks, or enjoy a variety of games happening in the gym area. From gaga to volleyball, tether-ball to basketball, there is something for everyone. Campers can also shower or read, write a letter, or work on friendship bracelets in the hammocks.

Evening programs

Evening programs are a unique and exciting time when everyone unites for an all-camp activity. Taking place immediately after dinner, evening programs are always the highlight of the day. Whether it’s a campfire or rainbow tag, gold rush or farkle, when the sun starts to go down you know something big and exciting is about to take place! Evening programs happen all over camp, from the council ring, where we have campfire, to the thunderdome (our turf futsol court). Some even require campers to run around all of camp—with a buddy, of course!

Evening circle

Each night concludes with an evening circle, where cabins reflect on the day, talk about the next day’s activities, celebrate their community, and participate in the Pinnacle hat ceremony. Every evening circle is a powerful and special experience that emphasizes our culture of kindness, respect, and collaboration.


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