Congratulations Jervey DuPre – Our first Camper – on your 100th birthday!

Camp Pinnacle24 Mar, 2012

Someone has to be first! In 1928, it was Jervey DuPre who signed up to be Camp Pinnacle’s first camper.  He is still alive today and 3 generations and countless members of the extended DuPre family have attended Pinnacle over the years! Jervey would see many changes at Camp Pinnacle if he visited today but he would be glad to know that some of the traditions from his first year are still intact!  We hope some of the values he learned at Camp Pinnacle contributed to his many successes as as an educator, lifetime outdoors person, parent and community member.

2012 will share similarities to 1928 as we re – energize Camp Pinnacle to again be leader in the camping and youth development communites.  Thanks for taking a chance on Camp Pinnacle back in 1928, Jervey.  We want to applaud the many of you taking a “chance” on Camp Pinnacle in 2012.  It’s going to be an amazing summer together and we hope Jervey will visit us! Read a recent article by clicking on the link or photo below!

       Former Pine Street School Principal turns 100


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