Reopening Camp Pinnacle

Camp Pinnacle09 Feb, 2012

How much fun is this? Bringing this great camp back to life is so much more fun than if we were starting our own. It’s an absolute joy to see the smiles on alumnae’s faces and hear the laughs in their voices when they discover that the institution that meant so much to them and helped them become the person they are today is once again helping youth become their best selves.

The community of Flat Rock is also ecstatic for this amazing parcel of land to once again be educating children rather than slated for development (complete with bulldozers and undoubtedly the obligatory gate.  It lets neighbors and friends sleep easier. People are coming out of the woodwork to help us work on the property. They just want to be involved in bringing this great institution back to life.  This is a time when people want desperately to believe in something good, and our goal at Camp Pinnacle is to recreate such a place. Here, campers can believe in their potential, believe in the loyalty of friends, believe in the integrity of their role models, and believe in the power and magic of nature.

We are ecstatic about the families who are entrusting us with their kids.  For many who know our reputation through Adventure Treks, the decision is easy. They can now give their younger children the magic they once had to wait until age 12 or 13 to receive.  We also have second and third generation Pinnacle campers signing up, eager to carry on their family tradition.  Universally, the alumni know that the old Camp Pinnacle needs to be updated to remain relevant and all seem excited as we leap into the 21st Century together. And many new families are joining us, too. Some from word of mouth others out of the blue, excited to be part of a program that understands kids, knows what they need to be happy and successful in the 21st Century (it begins with a lot of time outdoors) and eager for a new approach to summer camp! Early enrollment is exceeding our expectations and we can already tell the quality of our campers is amazing.  I am excited for my own kids who get to be part of the Pinnacle experience this summer.

The 2012 staff is lining up nicely.  Pinnacle icon Charlie Kendrick will be back in a leadership capacity. It only took one email and we had over 20 staff applications from the best and brightest of our former Adventure Treks students.  We are currently doing staff interviews and are excited about the tremendous and highly skilled role models who will be joining our team this summer. They are attending some of the nation’s best colleges.

The New Gaga Pit


What once was dirt is now a grassy soccer field!

The facility renovation is going well. The warm weather this winter is keeping us ahead of schedule.  The Gaga Pit is in and has been the scene of some exciting Saturday afternoon contests.  What a fun game! The riding ring is now being converted to a  bike park for campers to build their mountain biking skills.  We are making a new mountain biking trail that better fits the contours of the land for successful first biking experiences.  We were told we could never get grass to grow on the formerly sandy ball field. Well these folks have never met Rodney our former golf course pro!  The ball field is now green and soccer goals will be up before too long.  What a difference!  The kitchen is undergoing a renovation to exceed required health standards and we lowered the outside wall in the dining room so campers can now see the lake while they are eating.  Next month we take on the bathrooms.  They are going to go from grungy and buggy to a fun place for a temporary visit – just wait and see!

This is only the beginning. Spread the word – Camp Pinnacle is back and this will be that “most memorable” summer people will be talking about 50 years from now! Visit our office and you will find the energy and excitement to be contagious! There is a lot going on. This sure is fun!


John Dockendorf

Executive Director, Camp Pinnacle


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