Camper Spotlight: Madilynn from Florida

Camp Pinnacle06 Apr, 2015

Madilynn Camp Pinnacle The five R’s (respect, resilience, responsibility, reaching out, and reasonable risk) are the foundation of our philosophy at Camp Pinnacle. We want our campers and counselors to use these five words as guidelines for being their best selves. It’s great when we hear how our campers embody these concepts when they’re back at home and away from the comfort of camp. Today, we want to share one particular story that made us proud of one of our campers.

Madilynn is a 9-year-old camper from Florida who wanted to make attending Camp Pinnacle possible for a child whose family might not be able to afford to go. On her birthday, she asked her friends to bring donations in lieu of gifts. She hand-addressed an envelope for us, sent the donations in, and wrote a moving, heartfelt note that simply filled our hearts with joy.

She chose to have her friends bring donations to her birthday party instead of gifts for her. When we received the hand-addressed envelope, and the note she had written, it filled us with joy. She wrote to let us know she wanted us to use this gift to help a child attend camp.

madeleine for blogWe thought this was an amazing gesture, and a great example of “reaching out.” But Madilynn didn’t stop there. She asked her grandparents if she could make a presentation about the value of camp at an upcoming party. Not only did she take a “reasonable risk” by speaking in front of a room full of adults, but she also raised $421 toward a camper’s tuition!

At Camp Pinnacle, we know our campers feel confident to be their best selves while at camp. But what really warms our hearts is when the benefits of Camp Pinnacle extend past our campus and into our kids’ homes, schools, and birthday parties. If you’ve seen an example of the five R’s being displayed by your camper, we’d love to hear about it!


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