The Newest Camp Pinnacle Facility Additions!

Camp Pinnacle06 Mar, 2019

We like to think that with the top-notch counselor team we’ve assembled, we could run our programs in a grassy field and still deliver a fun, growth-oriented summer camp experience. That being said, we feel fortunate to have a 126-acre campus blooming with natural beauty, which makes our job that much easier! When we took over operations of Camp Pinnacle in 2011, camp was in disrepair. Today, we are proud of the complete renovation camp has undergone since then. It’s always been our goal to use the facility to strengthen community-building, programs and activities, and our growth outcomes.

2019 improvements and additions

This will be another huge year for improvements at Camp Pinnacle. Despite record levels of rain, Tom, George, Patrick, and the rest of our facilities team have worked steadily to make sure everything is ready for session one on June 9. Each year, we listen carefully to our campers, counselor, and parents to prioritize which projects we’ll complete. (We love seeing campers’ faces on opening day when they see something they suggested actually integrated into the campus!)


New gym floor

The most requested improvement was a new gym floor! This has not been an easy task, as we have had to completely re-engineer the support structure of a 70-year old gym while maintaining its historic charm and ambience. We’re finishing up new support beams, and new flooring should be installed, striped, and stained within the next three weeks.

New futsal court

Our playing field is perfect for Farkle and capture the flag, but a bit uneven for soccer and other ball sports. We’ve found the perfect solution for field sports: A regulation-sized, turf futsal court! We’ll use this to also play soccer, gaga ball, pin guard, and many other fun games.

New covered pavilion

We’ve received feedback that on rainy days, Camp Pinnacle didn’t have enough covered space to accommodate everyone and still move at full speed. Well, remember the uneven black asphalt court above the gym (that got quite hot in the middle of the day)? It’s on its way to being a brand-new covered pavilion with bleachers, which will provide a shady respite on warm afternoons and more space to play in the rain.

New amphitheater

Really, the entire area where the gym and new pavilion sits has been redone. The grassy hill behind the gym and next to the gaga pit has proved to be an erosion nightmare in this extremely rainy season, so we’ve transformed it into an amphitheater to not only control runoff, but also to provide more space for gatherings, C-day sign-ups, and single-gender Lakeside assemblies.

Sky Park additions

We’re adding several low-ropes elements to the Sky Park to provide new ways for cabinmates to work together as a team and strengthen their bonds. (It’s also a good alternate in case distant thunder keeps us off the Sky Park.)

New cabin flooring

Remember, these cabins have been around since 1928! We’ve continuously improved them since 2011, redoing floors, decks, bunks, paint, screens, and more. Our last four girls’ cabins have received new flooring this winter, and we’re opening a brand-new girls’ cabin (Ocoee), complete with a new porch, landscaping, and roof, for the summer!

New slides on both sides of camp

A new slide on the hill by the playing field will provide a new way to get from point A to point B! In girls’ world, we’ve heard complaints that they don’t have a cool slide like the boys do, so we’re planning to install a slide for the girls near the dining hall.

Nature treehouse

One of our most exciting additions (that you saw under construction last summer): the nature treehouse! We think it’ll be one of the most visually appealing features at camp. Not only will it be a new home for our nature program, but it’ll also house cabin sleepovers, where campers can gaze up at the stars all night. Egress for the treehouse will be by yet another slide.

A surprise we’re waiting to reveal…

We’re waiting to divulge our biggest secret until later this spring (not even the counselors know what it is!). Its name is Night Crawl, and it just might be the new highlight and most beloved activity at Camp Pinnacle…

We can’t wait for you to see these and other improvements on opening day. Thanks again to Tom, George, Patrick, and the rest of our team for all they do all winter long (in the cold and the rain) to get ready for your arrival!


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