Improvements from Summer 2012

Camp Pinnacle06 Jan, 2012

6/1/2012 – Camp is still abuzz with construction crews and our maintenance staff working hard to complete pre-season projects.  A crew is building a new novice mountain bike trail through the north woods, the remodeled bathrooms look fantastic, and the new staircase leading to the infirmary is an attractive, albeit small, new detail to main camp.

(Click on each photo to see a larger size)

New Mountain Bike Trail


Remodeled Bathrooms

New Infirmary Steps


5/10/2012 – We’ve just added a few more paddleboards to the Camp Pinnacle quiver, as well as a giant inflatable water slide that is as fun as it looks – take our word for it! We can’t wait to see kids enjoying both on the water in a couple months.

(Click on each photo to see a larger size)

New Stand-up Paddleboards

New Water Slide



5/1/2012 – Our site manager and maintenance crew have been working overtime to complete several big projects around camp.  They’ve refinished the basketball courts (which now look brand new), built a really attractive staircase to the back porch of the Dining Hall, completed more cabin improvements, and started to wrap up the huge renovation of the Dining Hall.  Everything looks great!  See photos below, and of course check back for more updates!

(Click on each photo to see a larger size)

Refinished Basketball Courts


New Dining Hall Steps


Cabin Improvements!  More New Kayaks! 



4/10/2012 – We’ve expanded our inventory of mountain bikes, watercraft of all sorts, and toys for the game room in the last few days, and our maintenance staff has been making huge improvements to our facilities and play areas.  This place is starting to look like a brand new camp! See the photos below, and check back for more updates.

(Click on each photo to see a larger size)

New Jamis Mountain Bikes

New Kayaks and Canoes

New Stand-up Paddleboards Remodeled Dining Hall
New GaGa Ball Court  New Mountain Bike Park  New Beginner’s Mountain Bike Trail 


Refinished Cabins

Coming soon: photos of the new water slide, soccer field, rope swing, zipline, bath houses, mini golf course, and game room!


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