What’s new at Camp Pinnacle for 2021

Camp Pinnacle10 Feb, 2021

Tom and the entire facilities team have been hard at work preparing camp for summer 2021! For our returning campers who weren’t able to attend in 2020, we know you’ll be wowed with two years’ worth of renovations and additions to explore on opening day. And for those who came last year, we can’t wait to show you many new surprises when you arrive!

While we won’t give everything away yet, you can expect to see a new bathhouse near the Shadium, an additional boys’ shower area, new cabin decks on Bear Pen and Rumbling Bald, and a new deck by the game room. Also, the Sky Park is getting a major upgrade! We’re building a new “lower level” under the high ropes elements; it begins with a netted climb and will only rise 12 feet off the ground to be more accessible to our youngest campers.

The upper level will get a few more elements to add variety. A final addition includes a tree climbing event with a fun rappel.

Because afternoon storms aren’t uncommon during a North Carolina summer, we’re adding a roof to the climbing tower so we can still ascend to new heights in a drizzle. You’ll see an expanded climbing barn as well to include more room for teaching advanced climbing and knot-tying skills.

It’s also a big year for biking. The bike park is getting some new features, and more advanced trails are being added in “Never Never Land.” We also have the ability to continue taking interested campers to Ride Kanuga, a world-class bike park just a few miles down the road!

Plus, Ed is getting a new rifle range, and Charlie Kendrick is returning from a hiatus to lead our nature program (including giving the nature treehouse an updated look).

We are so excited for our campers to arrive and have fun with friends in  the outdoors!


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