A word from a Camp Pinnacle camper about the excitement building for summer 2013

Camp Pinnacle29 Nov, 2012

My family did something different on Thanksgiving morning. We went to a “Turkey Trot” at Camp Pinnacle. We ran/walked fast for 3.1 miles (5K) through Camp Pinnacle’s trails and saw many friends.

Camp looks different this time of year. I saw that many things had changed since I had been there this past summer. I saw a new cool wooden deck with branches for railings. We had snacks on the new deck and I got to visit with lots of friends.

New Waterfront Deck under construction

After about half the people left we played a few games I had learned this past summer; Ga Ga ball for one, love it. Also there was a new dock that included a ferry that will take people to the camp sites across the lake. I can’t wait to ride on it. My mom and I took a walk around camp and saw the pieces that will make up the new camp pinnacle water slide, WOW! It looks gigantic, but I bet it will be so FAST. That just makes me want to go to camp for 2 sessions.

It was a fun way to start out our Holiday. I now have another great Camp Pinnacle memory. Can’t wait until the summer.

– Thomas Doss Grade 5 Session 2 2012


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