Welcome Fayssoux – We Thank You, Maggie

Camp Pinnacle05 Feb, 2014

Maggie Allen has been the unsung hero of Camp Pinnacle’s resurgence of innovative and exciting programming.  Maggie has worked tirelessly creating programs and schedules and managing many of the details of Camp behind the scenes.  She has been the source of countless creative ideas that have added fun and excitement to our program. She has been a wonderful steward of Camp Pinnacle tradition, a truly dedicated Camp Pinnacle Assistant Director, and a great friend.  Maggie, who has a degree in Architecture from Clemson, has decided to put her hard earned degree to work for Domokur Architects in Brevard.  Domokur specializes in summer camp design, so Maggie will not be leaving the camping world completely.  We will miss Maggie immensely and are deeply appreciative of her many, many contributions which have made Camp Pinnacle successful.  We are of course excited for her new career and know she will be as successful as an architect as she has been a Camp Director. The good news is that Pinnacle is in her blood, she still lives in the area, and she will still be a frequent summer visitor!

Fayssoux Evans Camp Pinnacle Associate DirectorAfter a national search with over 100 excellent applicants, we are excited to welcome our new Assistant Director, Fayssoux Evans.  Fayssoux is a third generation Camp Pinnacle camper and will help us keep great Pinnacle traditions alive.   After six summers as a Pinnacle camper and one as a counselor, Fayssoux broadened her camp experience by working at Camp Greystone in NC.  She then worked for 5 summers at Camp Laurel South in Maine, most recently as their Activities Director. Fayssoux is thrilled to finally be returning to the Camp she once enthusiastically called “home.”.

Fayssoux has a degree from Clemson University in Fine Arts and has lived in Madrid, Spain, the Virgin Islands and Santiago, Chile.  She speaks Spanish fluently and is an avid traveller.  We are excited for all that Fayssoux will bring to our Camp Pinnacle community and know we will all love her wonderful energy and enthusiasm.


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