A Few Thoughts about Fayssoux Moss

Camp Pinnacle13 May, 2021

By Steve Baskin

I want to share a few thoughts about Fayssoux Moss.

Almost eight years ago, we conducted a nationwide search for an assistant director to join our brand-new team at Camp Pinnacle. Back then, camp was much smaller and less complicated. We had no Sky Park, only half as many biking trails, and no Shadium or Thunderdome. We have rebuilt the dining hall not once, not twice, but three times since then. We knew we had a great vision, and we needed a great assistant director to help implement our shared dreams.

A name percolated to the top of our list: Fayssoux Evans (now Moss). We were excited to see that she had been a Pinnacle camper and still had a deep love for this special place. But she also had additional camp experience, having worked at another camp in North Carolina and one in Maine that I knew well. I called the camp director in Maine and asked about Fayssoux.

Within minutes, I knew she was the perfect candidate and would be an excellent addition to the team. While Fayssoux was younger and not as experienced as many of the strongest candidates, we were hiring for a growth mindset, potential, ability to innovate, and a deep love for what the Camp Pinnacle experience could be.

From day 1, she gave her all to the camp that she loved as a young person. When our director job opened four years ago, we knew no outside hire could ever compete with Fayssoux, and she seamlessly merged into the director role.

Fayssoux is one of those rare individuals who strives to improve every day, every week, and every year. Watching her grow has been one of the true pleasures of the past eight years. In the first years, she was in learning mode. Now, she is a teacher, a leader and one who shares and advocates for our culture. She contributes to every aspect of our camp.

In those years, she also found the love of her life (JG) and had an adorable 2-year-old son (Hobbs). JG will be joining us for his second summer this year as an associate director. But she always has time for her teammates and our camp families.

Now she is our executive director, and we could not be more excited. In addition to her Pinnacle knowledge and wisdom, she has a superpower: “radical candor.” She has the ability to speak plainly and honestly even when that requires courage. I deeply value her ability to advocate for her ideas. Similarly, those who work with her appreciate her loving honesty. Of course, it helps that she is quick to smile, to laugh, and to support others.

Over the past several months, I have had the rare pleasure to see her prepare for this summer—our busiest ever. The staff we have is unequaled. We have more returning staff than ever; Jane remains a bedrock of camp; Richard, Michelle, and Hannah will continue running the kitchen; and Tom will continue adding those creative touches to Pinnacle. We have added John Burton and Abi Fuesler, our program director.

But Fayssoux is the glue that holds us together. She does her job so well that it sometimes seems effortless, but I can assure you that it is not. It can also be thankless. Thank you Fayssoux! We are so lucky to have you.


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