Greetings from Session 2: Thoughts and a Video

Amanda Fox04 Jul, 2017

We are off rafting on the Nantahala River today! It’s always a highlight of my day when I get to spend time with our wonderful campers. Though we’ve had a few summer storms here and there, campers have been walking around with non-stop smiles on their faces. New friends have been made, new skills have been learned, and new challenges have been conquered—all joyfully!

We talk a lot about the 5 R’s at camp (respect, responsibility, reaching out, reasonable risk, and resilience), and we’re always thrilled to see our campers modeling these and being their best selves. Our community feels very strong and close; we feel the new dining hall has helped pull our community in even tighter as we eat every meal together! (Read about how we feel that our meals, activities, schedule, and structure help drive home our Great 8 Outcomes.)

It’ll be sad saying goodbye on Friday, but we know you’re looking forward to all the new stories you’ll hear on the ride home! And happy Fourth of July!



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