What’s New for Camp Pinnacle 2021

Camp Pinnacle24 May, 2021

Late May is always the time for “all-hands-on-deck” as we make sure that Camp Pinnacle is ready to go by opening day. Even though we have been preparing since last August, getting camp ready always seems to come down to the wire.  We bite off too many projects each year and then keep dreaming of more all winter long. It is safe to say Tom breathes a sigh of relief when the campers finally arrive because it means that projects are complete for another year! 

This year has been another big year for capital improvements. Tom and his team of Patrick, Brandon, Cagney and Casey have built a new bathhouse by the Shadium that will serve all genders.  It will also have a boys’ shower room in the back.  

The expanded Sky Park is sure to be a hit as it now has a lower level with new elements! We have changed out some of the aerial events on the upper level to keep it fresh for returning campers. Another recent addition to our climbing program is a tree climb next to the Sky Park. The climbing tower now has a roof so we can still climb and climb dry on drizzly days! We have expanded the climbing building and added covered porches so we can teach knots, anchor building, and other climbing lessons if we get rained off the wall.

Ed is the happiest man around camp because he has a brand-new rifle range! There is a lot more room in the new range and the new design will help Ed take riflery to a new level!

We have also been updating our hand sanitizer stations, cabin fans and the other ways we keep campers healthy during another COVID summer. Look around camp, you will see new decks, new porches, new walkways, new picnic tables, and a new volleyball net. Activity wise, there are new tennis nets, a new fidget spinner, new boats, new tents, new backpacks, and brand-new vans as we work to keep our programs and activities state of the art! We are always upgrading and improving your second home.

Staff have been arriving for the past week. Support Team and Trip Leader Orientation began Tuesday, May 25th. By June 1st, our two-week orientation and quarantine  (“quarientation” , if you will) is going to be in full swing. We feel fortunate our staff taking precautions to ensure we can run safely this summer, including getting vaccinated.

We cannot wait to see you on Opening Day. Enjoy the video!


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