What Could We Possibly Be Doing this Time of Year?

Camp Pinnacle30 Sep, 2016

It was a great summer and we wish our campers were still here. After all, nothing is as much fun as camp.

But since you all are in school we have had to make do without you. It would be a shame for a place as magical as Camp Pinnacle to lay fallow. Rest assured, we haven’t been idle! There have been people at Camp Pinnacle virtually every single day since camp ended in early August.

The week after camp, we hosted Camplify.  This is a scholarship program that allows great local kids to attend summer camp. For the next two weeks we hosted two sessions of Camp Grounded, which is a technology free adult summer camp. And did they have fun!

We have hosted a wedding every single weekend.  Who wouldn’t want to get married at camp? If you think Richard’s camp food is good, you should see his wedding reception spreads! The wedding we are most excited about is Fayssoux’s wedding on Saturday, October 8. We are all thrilled for Fayssoux and her fiancee, JG ,as they begin their new life together.

And every week, in partnership with Adventure Treks, schools visit us for science or outdoor educational programs. It’s fun to have school kids at camp and we are certain that virtually every student thinks their time at Camp Pinnacle is the best four days of school ever! Three weeks ago, Connor Dial was here with his school, Battleground Academy. Last week, Tate Sheriff and his school, University School of Nashville visited us. This week, Audrey Smith is here with the Galloway School sixth grade.

We are already getting excited for next summer and we have big plans for improvements to make camp even better. Stay tuned next month for a major announcement about our biggest improvement ever. Suffice it to say, we have listened to your feedback and our 2017 improvements will address your suggestions.

We miss you and we can’t wait until summer 2017!


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