Summer 2019 at Camp Pinnacle has begun!

Camp Pinnacle13 Jun, 2019

It was so exciting to welcome 185 new and returning campers to Camp Pinnacle on Sunday. We loved watching our returners’ faces as they explored the many new additions to our facility. We felt downright prescient with a brand-new pavilion as we also welcomed 4.5 inches of rain! The weather has drastically improved, however, and camp is in full swing. Boats are on the lake, bikes are on the pump track, climbers are on the rock, hikers are on the trail, arrows are hitting the target, soccer balls are finding goals in the new futsal court, and campers are backpacking all over Pisgah National Forest. Spirits are high as we build strong bonds in our cabin communities.

It takes a lot of planning and training to ensure a smooth opening—two solid weeks of training, that is! In orientation, our enthusiastic counselors improve their teaching skills and tie in the current trends in youth development with our own philosophy. A kind and caring community naturally forms among our staff, which campers easily pick up on and model themselves. We want our campers to feel that they have come to a special place and have a truly unique opportunity to have a fun and growth-filled summer experience.


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