parents of campers


Having attented for her third straight summer, our daughter once again had an outstanging time. She adored the counselors and cannot say enough about the facilities adn activities. Before we even left the parking lot, she was already asking about coming back next summer." - David Sullivan, parent from Pepperell, MA

Welcome to Our Family

The right summer camp experience can be a defining and formative experience in a young life - We believe that kids raised in the modern age benefit from a Camp Pinnacle summer more than any previous generation.   We'd like to make the decision to join our camp family an easy one and hope you'll soon consider us as one of your partners as you face the joys and challenges of parenting in the 21st Century.

An Easy Decision

We know you have nearly endless options for your child's summer.  In what might seem like a homogenous list of summer camps across the country, Camp Pinnacle stands out as a truly unique and valuable experience.  We encourage you to learn as much about us and other camps as you can.  It's an important decision but it will become easier as you thoroughly research your options. Click here to see the Benefits of Camp Pinnacle.

The differences between camp philosophies, activities, and costs are more substantial than you might think. Please let us help you ask important questions while choosing the summer camp that best fits your family.  Click here for answers to 10 that we feel should top your list.

Digging Deeper

As much as we love to play gaga ball and paddle the lake with campers on SUP's, most of our time is spent researching, updating, and improving our programs.  Camp Pinnacle is designed to synthesize 85 years of tradition and fun with current youth development research.  The benefits of spending summers with us are well documented and more important than ever.  While we wouldn't necessarily recommend hitting the books as hard as we do, we're sure you want to know that your camper's summer is well worth the time and financial investment.

We incorporate much of the framework of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills in our program.  You can find a breakdown of the 21st Century Skills we emphasize at Camp Pinnacle here.

Our program also gives kids the tools to connect with and enjoy nature. See how Camp Pinnacle works with nature here.

And We Mean Family

A substantial and inclusive community is central to our program.  We want Camp Pinnacle to be a place that is physically and emotionally safe for every single camper.  At the same time, we form close partnerships with parents to provide the experiences that will help you raise a caring, confident and independent young person equipped with the skills needed to be successful.  When you join the Camp Pinnacle family, we get to know your family on a personal level, and our directors and staff are always accessible to talk about your experience with Camp Pinnacle.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have.