Sessions Grades Dates Tuition
Session 1
(13 Days)
2 - 9 June 10th - June 22nd $2,995
Session 2
(13 Days)
2 - 9 June 25th - July 7th $2,995
Session 3
(20 Days)
2 - 9 July 9th - July 28th $4,495
Session 4
(13 Days)
2 - 9 July 30th - August 11th $2,895
4 Week Camp
(27 Days)
2 - 9

Combine the first and second or the third and fourth camp sessions above to optimize your summer schedule (with a $500 savings).


2016 Dates & Rates

“Thank you for the summer. We spent the last two days hearing about every aspect of camp, and the kids had nothing but praise. It was really the perfect experience! Your two-week program was the perfect entrance into camping.” - The Kugler Family, Palm Harbor, FL

Pathfinders (1st - 4th Graders)

GirlsTreehouseSummer15While camp is exciting to many of our newest and youngest campers, it can also be a bit intimidating. We remove the scary factor and replace it with fun, friends, and activities! Our Pathfinders spend more time learning skills to build their confidence and independence, from archery to mountain biking. After having so many activities to choose from, becoming a part of the Camp Pinnacle traditions, eating delicious food from Chef Richard, and making close friends, campers usually don't want to leave! 

Our youngest campers are decked out with some of Camp Pinnacle's coolest features, including a fireman's pole in the youngest boys' cabin and a treehouse outside our youngest girls' cabin. Camp is a magical place, and our caring counselors and fun activities help ease the transition from home to camp. 

Our Pathfinders also have their own itinerary of off-camp adventures. They get to:

  • Rock climb at Gilbert's Rock, just five minutes from camp
  • Hike Black Balsam and Tennet Mountain, an age-appropriate 6,214-foot hike with a four-state view at the top
  • Swim at Sliding Rock and eat ice cream at the world-famous Dolly's
  • Whitewater raft on the Nantahala River
  • Sleep in a tent at one of our five campsites on camp property
  • Mountain bike on Camp Pinnacle's pump track and ride through our on-campus bike park, Enchanted Forest, and very own trail system


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Trailblazers (5th & 6th Graders)

 BoysCounselorFor our campers transitioning from elementary school into middle school, camp tends to be a familiar home away from home! Our fifth and sixth graders begin to have more off-camp adventures and build even stronger friendships with their peers. At this age, we encourage our campers to continue reaching out to make new friends, initiate conversations, and encourage and support each other as they step outside their comfort zone. 

Trailblazers have an exciting off-camp adventure itinerary:

Fifth graders

  • Rock climb at Gilbert's Rock
  • Summit Looking Glass Rock or John's Rock, splash around a swimming hole or Sliding Rock, and enjoy ice cream at world-famous Dolly's
  • Hike, mountain bike, or canoe to one of our five on-campus campsites and sleep in a tent
  • Whitewater raft the Nantahala River
  • Mountain bike on Camp Pinnacle's extensive trail system in the Enchanted Forest

Sixth graders

  • Rock climb at Gilbert's Rock, with the option for an advanced climbing day
  • Overnight camping trip in Pisgah National Forest, including a visit to a swimming hole or Sliding Rock and ice cream at Dolly's
  • Whitewater raft the Nantahala River
  • Mountain bike in Camp Pinnacle's Enchanted Forest, with the option for an advanced biking day in DuPont State Forest
  • Tube the Green River—just for sixth graders!
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Explorers (7th - 9th Graders)

Girls Hiking Johns Rock

Every year at Pinnacle gets better! As our middle school students grow and mature, camp helps them spread their wings to explore even more activities and adventures! Camp Pinnacle is designed to help each camper progress naturally; as our campers become young adults, camp grows with them!

Middle school is when Camp Pinnacle really begins to diverge from the more traditional camp experience. Older campers have options to spend more time off-camp rock climbing, canoeing, and mountain biking, and they get to experience a longer camping trip in Pisgah National Forest. They also get to raft the Pigeon River, a step up in challenge and exhilaration from the Nantahala River. 

The Explorers' off-camp itinerary includes:

  • Rock climb at Gilbert's Rock
  • Seventh graders spend a night camping in Pisgah National Forest, while eighth and ninth graders spend two nights camping in Pisgah
  • Whitewater raft the Pigeon River
  • Options for additional overnight camping trips (backpacking or canoeing) or day trips (mountain biking and climbing)
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Blue Ridge Explorers (7th & 8th Graders)

Blue Ridge ExplorersWhen our 7th and 8th grade campers are ready to seek out more adventure, Blue Ridge Explorers is the trip for them! This 19-day adventure is a great introduction to a more adventure-based summer in the familiar Blue Ridge Mountains. Campers will explore more of the landscape in Western North Carolina they've grown to love, and sharpen many of the skills they've learned at camp, including tent set-up, packing a backpack, tying rock climbing knots, paddling down whitewater, and more!

Why Blue Ridge Explorers? We understand that some of our campers will never want to leave Pinnacle. However, for those that crave more time in the outdoors, we've created the Blue Ridge Explorers trip as a stepping stone between our traditional Camp Pinnacle program and our programs for teenagers at Adventure Treks. Students sleep in tents throughout the adventure, rather than in cabins, and our instructors are there every step of the way to guide students through these new skills. Students' bonds grow closer, and their leadership skills, confidence, resilience, and appreciation of the outdoors soar! Plus, did we mention it's incredibly fun?!

In 19 days, students will:

  • Backpack for three days in Panthertown Valley, considered the "Yosemite of the East"
  • Raft down the Nantahala River in inflatable kayaks (aka "duckies")
  • Canoe for three days on Lake Fontana, in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Whitewater raft for two days on the Wild and Scenic Chattooga River
  • Mountain bike in DuPont State Forest and rock climb at Gilbert's Rock, just five minutes from Camp Pinnacle
  • Backpack for three days at 6,000 ft. in Pisgah National Forest with a four state view
  • Finish off the trip on the steepest, fastest zipline in the rugged Green River Gorge!

Interested in longer trips with even more adventure? Check out Adventure Treks for teenagers!

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All-Inclusive Camp & Risk-Free Guarantee

 Your tuition includes everything except transportation to and from camp. There are no hidden fees, surcharges*, or extra rental fees to worry about. We will not ask you to pay extra for out-of-camp trips or special activities. We include many items for which other camps charge: Sheets and blankets for your bed, camp photos, airport shuttles, T-shirts, hats, and the list goes on! We do not have a canteen that sells snacks. Snacks (fruit, cookies, and popsicles) are provided at appropriate times at no additional charge. We want you to feel like you are part of our family, rather than a customer— we will treat your kids as we treat our own. (And our kids come to camp here, too!)

* If paying by credit card, we must charge a $75 surcharge to recover fees that banks charge us. In our quest to give you the best value, we do not want to penalize those paying by check, e-check or wire transfer. We promise that is the only extra fee you will find at Camp Pinnacle!

Risk-Free Guarantee

If 30 days after your child returns home from camp you do not believe that you have received fair value for your tuition, we will refund the amount you feel appropriate, up to the full price of tuition.

(The refund applies only to tuition. Camp store purchases or tuition for a child who is sent home for inappropriate behavior or who withdraws voluntarily without completing the full session are excluded from the Risk Free offer.)

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Fine Print

In accordance with Federal Law and US Department of Agriculture Policy, Camp Pinnacle does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender or religion. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any child. We are selective in admissions because the close community we strive to foster and the quality experience we seek to provide for each camper can be compromised by a single child who does not embrace the values or expected behavior inherent in the Camp Pinnacle experience. Our areas of expertise do not extend to handling behavioral, psychological, motivational, weight loss, or any type of rehabilitation issues.

Cancellation Policy


The required deposit for each session is $800 per camper. All deposits are refundable prior to March 1, less a $200 processing fee for cancellation for any reason. For cancellations after March 1, tuition is non-refundable. We recommend you purchase cancellation insurance for your protection. If a camper withdraws voluntarily or is sent home as a consequence of unacceptable behavior, no refund of any type will be granted. It is the parents' responsibility to cover any additional travel expenses.

Camp Pinnacle Expectations:

It is each camper's responsibility to bring a willingness to participate fully in camp and to try new things. While we completely expect both nervousness and trepidation among campers new to us, we expect each camper to bring a positive and unselfish attitude and a desire to be part of a close community of friends. Coming to camp in good physical condition will enhance a camper's overall experience. We reserve the right to send a camper home who in our judgment does not demonstrate safe actions, good behavior ot is unable to meet the physical requirements of daily camp life.

Non- Negotiables:

Each family will sign an agreement prior to participation in Camp stating that they agree to abide by Camp Pinnacle's rules and policies. Camp Pinnacle maintains high standards because we act as temporary guardians for your child. We do not tolerate the use of any type of tobacco, illegal non prescription drugs, or alcohol. Any behavior that is deemed detrimental to the welfare, safety or overall success of a cabin community is not acceptable. Behavior which negatively affects other campers ability to enjoy their camp experience such as bullying or sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Unsafe actions, leaving camp property without a staff member, or inability to follow camp policies or the direction of camp staff is not acceptable. In the rare and unfortunate case where camp rules are not observed, immediate dismissal will most likely result. Offending participants will be sent home immediately at his / her parents' expense and no refund will be granted. A camper who feels they are unable to abide by our rules and policies should not attend Camp Pinnacle.


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