Camper Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get homesick?

It's natural that you might get a little homesick from time to time, especially if it's your first time away from home.  Everyone will get homesick at some point in their life so it's good to be homesick at camp because it's easy to get over homesickness here. At Camp Pinnacle, you will always be surrounded by incredible counselors, supportive directors, and amazing friends that are there to help make sure you’ll have the best summer ever!  There will always be someone looking out for you, so if you are ever feeling a little down, we are going to cheer you up and get you involved in some of the most fun activities you can imagine! There are so many amazing things to do at Camp Pinnacle that most campers discover that they are having so much fun they don’t really miss home! In fact, we find that many campers actually become "camp sick" when they return home because they miss Camp Pinnacle, their camp friends and counselors so much.

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How many Campers are in a cabin?

Each cabin will have between 6 and10 campers with two counselors, and you get to sleep in a bunk bed!  All of our cabins are recently remodeled and are ready for you! Who knows, you might sleep in a bed where a U.S. Senator once slept! (Don't worry, we've changed the sheets and blankets since then!)

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Will I do everything with my cabin mates?

Campers playing games in a Pinnacle CabinThough you will probably make friends will ALL the campers and counselors at Camp Pinnacle, you will typically make your best friends with the kids in your cabin and your Division.  A Division is made up of two cabins of similarly aged kids (about 14 - 20 people with four or five counselors).  It is amazing how close you will get to your cabin and division mates in just two weeks!  On some days, you will go to scheduled activity areas or on a Venture trip with members of your cabin. On other days you'll do activities with your entire Division.  Activities that require more kids like soccer or capture the flag will be scheduled for your Division, while more specialized activities life kayaking, riflery or archery and overnight camping trips are done in your cabin group.  There will also be times where you get to choose your activities! You can do these activities with kids from outside your cabin and Division if you choose.

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What is there to eat at mealtimes?

Food is an important part of the Camp Pinnacle experience, and we want you to eat really, really well!   Breakfast and dinner are served family style for great conversations with your cabin mates and counselors.  Lunch is a buffet, and you can sit wherever you want, even outside.  Along with a delicious main course for every meal (from pancakes or eggs at breakfast, to pizza, chicken, or pasta for lunch and dinner), we always have salads and alternative choices for lunch and dinner and a cereal bar at breakfast.  We have several theme dinners that make meal time really special and fun! We want to make sure you never leave our dining room hungry! We model healthy eating habits and serve lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruit is always available if you get hungry between mealtimes.

Please let us know beforehand of any dietary restrictions or allergies, and we will do our best to provide what you need.  We can easily accommodate vegetarians. We regret that we are unable to accommodate Vegan or Kosher diets.

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What if I don't know anyone at camp when I get there?

Girls having fun on a day hike.Going to camp is all about meeting great new people from all over the country, making new friendships, and sharing experiences you will remember and talk about for the rest of your life!  You will find that most people come to camp not knowing anybody else. You'll make friends really easily here, and after the first two days, it will feel like Camp Pinnacle has become your second home! You'll learn all about being part of a Community; It"s an important ingredient at Camp Pinnacle. Soon you will feel a wonderful sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. We hope you will keep up with your many new Camp Pinnacle friends long after the summer ends.

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What should I bring to camp?

We will send you and your parents a  Packing List to use as a guideline, but remember, we provide all the camping equipment and outdoor supplies you will need at no extra cost. This saves your parents a few hundred dollars and lots of trips to the outdoor store!

Please bring a favorite sleeping bag or any sporting equipment (i.e. fishing pole, tennis racket, and lacrosse stick.) But if you don't already own any of this stuff, don't sweat, we have all the gear you will ever need. We are excited for you to try every activity!

Do leave your bike at home.  We have dozens of a great bikes for you to ride.

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Do I get to choose my activities?

The answer is ...Sometimes! Activities at Camp Pinnacle are carefully scheduled so you can accomplish a lot in just two short weeks. Thus, during many of your "in - camp days" your activity blocks are scheduled.  We want to make sure you get to try and do as much as possible in your time with us.  That being said, we know you will prefer some activities over others.  Thus, we  have special "C" days where you will get to make your schedule and choose the activities that interest you the most.

Within the scheduled activity blocks (on  "A" and "B" days,) you will also often get a degree of choice among the activities you wish to try.  Sometimes you can choose activities within an activity (like choosing between kayaking or paddleboarding during "Boating",) and other times, especially during Field Sports, your group as a whole will choose. (For example:voting between soccer, capture the flag or ultimate frisbee.) 

Our hope is that by the end of your session, you are impressed with all you have been able to accomplish and have discovered many new "favorite" activities.

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What do we do after dinner?

Every night we have a special evening activity. Usually these are fun and crazy camp games like Capture the Flag, Counselor Hunt, Apache Relay, or Gold Rush.  We always have something memorable, exciting, and unique planned!  After the Evening Activity, each Division will meet for an Evening Circle to talk about the “pluses” and “deltas” of the day, plan the next day’s activities, celebrate your community, and participate in the nightly “Pinnacle Hat Ceremony.” Don’t worry we will explain all of this to you when you get here! After Evening Circle, it is call to quarters and bed. We go to bed between 9:30 and 10 PM depending on your age.

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What do we do during the day?

Another question might be, "What don't we do at camp?” We have over 30 different activities, and are adding new activities all the time. Basically, we begin the day with cabin clean up followed by a hot breakfast; after breakfast, it’s morning assembly followed by three 50-minute activity periods. Then it’s free swim, GAGA Ball or another free-choice activity time during the 45 minutes before lunch. After lunch we have an hour of downtime with your cabin mates where you can read, write, or play board games.  There are three more activity blocks in the afternoon and another free swim before dinner.  Five times during your two-week session, you will leave camp to go on a special Venture with your cabin or Division – Your Venture trips are a ton of fun!

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Tell me about the Ventures!

A group hiking in Dupont State ForestMost campers think Ventures are the best part of camp.  These are exciting out-of-camp trips where you see incredible scenery, get to try adventure activities, and become even closer with your friends.  Don’t be intimidated by these - every camper will succeed beyond his/her expectations and these are really fun!  Venture activities include whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, and tubing. You will even get to see an amazing four-state view from atop a 6,000-foot peak.

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What if it rains?

Rain won't stop or change anything at Camp Pinnacle!  When it rains in western North Carolina it is usually a quick afternoon rain shower; therefore, it is the perfect time for a snack and quick game in the gym until we are back outside again.  Naturally, we don’t swim if there is a thunderstorm.

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What if I get sick?

We have a Registered Nurse on the camp premises to take care of anyone who might get sick and a fully stocked infirmary with beds in case somebody needs to spend the night.  We also have a Camp Doctor who lives in town but makes rounds when needed. Your counselor is trained in Wilderness First Aid, so he or she can help you with cuts or bruises.  If you take prescription medications, these are kept with the nurse in the infirmary. 

If you do feel sick, whether you just need a little bit of extra rest, a visit from our doctor, or a trip to a nearby clinic; We will get you back to feeling great and having fun in no time.

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Can I decorate my bunk?

Of course!  We want you to feel at home at Camp Pinnacle so please feel free to bring any pictures or crafts to hang around you bunk.  But you won't be spending too much time in your cabin, because most of the fun will happen outside!

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What if I forget to bring something?

If you get to camp and there is anything you think you need but left at home, don’t worry.  Just let your counselor or the directors know, and we will help you solve any problems like this!

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